What If Firm Life Isn’t For You?

Women in Legal TechnologyLaw firms continue to see gender imbalance when it comes to both pay and partnership numbers. This is not because women lawyers are leaving the profession. Data cited by the Harvard Business Review shows that “[t]hey are only leaving law firms, taking on corporate, government or regulatory roles instead.” The implication is that female lawyers especially are seeking alternatives to firm life.

If they have existing passion projects or interests, those can be a good jumping off point for career exploration. If they do not, then one burgeoning sector to consider is that of legal technology. The name itself can elicit concerns about the required level of technical knowledge and the value of the work. However, these trepidations don’t have to stop you from exploring this path. On the Ms. JD blog, I try to disspell common myths about legal tech.

I would love to hear what you think—especially if you are considering a change, or working at a legal technology company yourself.