The 3 Best Parts of Working at a Startup

As a new employee, Cecilia described what she thought made Everlaw unique. Her experience was that startup culture offered an unparalleled level of empowerment, transparency, and productivity.Benefits of a Startup I was curious whether other team members would list the same motivations for seeking out a legal technology startup, over a larger player in the space. In many ways, their responses reflected similar motivations. One strength of startups in particular kept coming up, across team members with different roles, backgrounds, and interests. In their own words, here is what the team thinks is the best aspect of startup life:

1. Impact

“Feeling like I can really see the impact of my work on the success of the company.” –Greg, Senior Account Director

“Having a real impact on our product. Since we have a small group of developers, all of us have significant influence on the shape of the Everlaw platform. It feels good knowing that the work I’m doing has a tangible positive effect on our customers.” -Daniel, Software Engineer

“This is a cliche, but I like to know that my contributions will actually be used by people in a meaningful way.” -Victor, Software Engineer

“The ability to have an immediate, measurable impact on both the company and the market we’re trying to serve. We’re actually moving the needle!” –Jon, VP of Business Development

2. Immediacy

Everlaw Redesign Mockup

“As a designer, I enjoy the pace and fast turnarounds. The projects I work on go live quickly with the flexibility to make changes as we find improvements. I end up learning new skills and insights every single day.” –Kat, Product Designer

3. Empowerment

“After working for 6+ years in a large legal services company, I was hungry to jump into an environment with far fewer strictly enforced functional divides and cumbersome legacy hurdles. A startup is a chance to help build from the ground up, to stretch into new areas you never imagined you might take on, and to work collaboratively in a tight-knit team.” –Ian, Account Director

“Being able to work on a wide variety of projects that interest me, implementing them from start to finish.” -Brandon, Lead Software Engineer

Consistently, everyone valued (1) having a significant say in their own work – and then (2) seeing that work directly help others. These responses bring to mind research that shows the power of autonomy and of purpose:

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As (law school graduate) Dan Pink says, “The secret to high performance isn’t rewards and punishments, but that unseen intrinsic drive—the drive to do things for their own sake. The drive to do things cause they matter.”

Based on the responses from the team, it sounds like startups like ours are bringing these learnings to life! What drives our team is precisely what the research suggests results in creative solutions and satisfied problem-solvers. Now that’s a pretty big upside to working at a startup.