What’s the Best Ediscovery Feature?

It’s no secret that our company is engineering-heavy. We spend a lot of time discussing, building, and improving custom features for our ediscovery platform. This calendar year, we’ve already released twenty-six new features or major improvements! With all of this new functionality, I was curious what the team members thought were the coolest features we had produced. So, I asked them: what is the best feature that you’ve seen someone on the team build for users?

1) Spreadsheet ViewerReviewing Spreadsheets

What it is: Allows users to review and manipulate spreadsheets directly in the ediscovery tool, without converting file types or losing functionality like formulas.

Why it’s my favorite feature:  It makes spreadsheets fully functional in the browser, solves a big pain point for users, and the code is very, very clean and concise.   –Zach, Senior Software Engineer

Why it’s my favorite feature: I’ve been blown away by a lot of our features, but I’ll pick the spreadsheet viewer as my current favorite. It’s awesome that our users can inspect any cell, flip easily through sheets, and search for terms without having to leave the review window. You even get colors, charts, and formatting displayed exactly as they would appear in a desktop app like excel. Doesn’t get much better than that!   –Jordan, Software Engineer

2) Predictive Rating (Predictive Coding)

What it is: Allows users to project which of the documents in a case could be important to review, based on their similarity to other documents considered important in the case.

Why it’s my favorite feature:  Because I really like the idea of computers doing work for us, not in the sense that it replaces us, but enables us to do more than we otherwise could.   –Victor, Software Engineer

Why it’s my favorite feature: It shows one of the countless cool things that can happen when machines start learning.   –Daniel, Software Engineer

3) StoryBuilderBuilding a Legal Case(Case Mapping)

What it is:   Allows users to work together to map out case arguments, linking them to reviewed documents.

Why it’s my favorite feature:  I don’t think it gets enough love. It’s basically our own version of Google Docs, by one programmer!  –Brandon, Lead Software Engineer

Why it’s my favorite feature:  I’ll second that!  The real-time collaboration is quite an accomplishment.   –Jon, VP of Business Development

4) Context Panel (De-Duplication)

What it is: Allows users to see how documents are related to one another, and to use this information to reduce workload and make connections among files.

Why it’s my favorite feature:  It just makes it makes it extremely easy to browse through related documents and get a bigger picture of how the document fits in.   –Ryan, Software Engineer

5) Production Suite

What it is:  Allows us to receive native files and produce text files and Bates-stamped images for users to review.

Why it’s my favorite feature:  Because I use it the most!   –Joel, Operations Manager

We want to hear from you: which of these ediscovery features is your favorite?