Cecilia’s Story: Startup Culture Surprises

I had heard a lot about startup culture before moving to the Bay Area. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the concept. After all, it sounded so idyllic; could it really be true?

Everlaw product roadmap meeting
Everyone is invited to the product roadmap meeting.

It turns out that the idealized and happy coexistence between work and fun is real! And the uniqueness of startup culture is one thing that has surprised me during my time at Everlaw so far.  Here are the three things that impressed me the most:

1. At a larger company, there would be a long and bureaucratic process before any meaningful changes are made, but not at Everlaw. Things move fast here! I’ve seen the excitement on our engineers’ faces when they take on new challenges, which contributes immensely to the momentum behind new releases and features.

2. The transparency at Everlaw is another thing that stands out to me. At our weekly meetings we discuss both individual assignments and company-related issues. In my experience, this kind of openness is far from standard.

3. The trust that startups have in their employees is empowering. How many young engineers, designers, and marketers are encouraged to contribute, not only in their specific field of expertise, but to everything?

Ultimately, I’m finding that the distinctive startup culture is absolutely real. It’s largely about being excited about what you do; when you are, it’s hard not to have fun at work. For me, that’s meant having a lot of fun doing everything from creating animated GIFs to learning the process of ediscovery practice.

Have you experienced startup culture?