Cecilia’s Story: At Everlaw, We Work Hard and Play Hard

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a legal tech startup?  Here at Everlaw, hard work is the number one priority, but we also play hard.

Much of our time is spent working on new features, redesigning existing ones, and helping customers to get the most out of Everlaw. Our open office environment, filled with standing desks and plenty of natural light, makes for a healthy, cStanding Desks at Everlawollaborative atmosphere. It’s easy to grab someone’s attention when you need to work with them on, say, an updated product roadmap or a marketing brochure, but it’s also easy to get distracted by conversations happening nearby. That’s why you’ll often find our engineers wearing noise-isolating headphones when consumed in their projects.

But it’s not all work, all the time. Our lunchroom is stocked with board games, puzzles, arcade games, and a foosball table. It’s not unusual to hear victory shouts or cries of defeat from co-workers during breaks. Sometimes, we even challenge our officemates, Magoosh; having their diverse talents in the same office means we have an expert on nearly every game-related domain, from historical trivia to detecting bluffs.

Several of our teammates are also high-level athletes, competing in everything from soccer to ultimate frisbee. We loved watching them dominate at this year’s World Ultimate Club Championships earlier this month: Gold in the Open division and Silver in the Mixed division!

Everlaw Office Board GamesAll told, it’s hard to miss the team spirit and competitiveness at work and at play at Everlaw.  And the connection between our work and fun games is also quite evident: strong individual efforts lead to great outcomes, for Everlaw’s team and for our customers.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I’ll share some of the more unusual and unexpected things I’ve learned so far in my legal tech adventures.