Cecilia’s Story: Behind the Scenes at a Legal Tech Startup

I’m Cecilia, and I am excited to join Everlaw’s band of innovative thinkers (and chess fanatics) as Marketing Coordinator. I’m looking forward to working with a team that values improvement and sees the possibilities that lie within every new challenge—be it in coding, marketing or team building.

As a recent journalism graduate and an athlete, I’m eager to bring my unique point of view to Everlaw. ICecilia Plays Soccer grew up in Sweden, where virtually everyone plays soccer, and it was through playing soccer that I came to appreciate the impact of hard work and dedication. My journalism studies made me realize that enthusiasm and commitment often go further than talent.

My journalism+soccer background has also left me with more than permanently swollen ankles. I’ve developed an obsession with not just being on time, but being at least ten minutes early for everything, and watching the news for a few hours is as entertaining as watching any Sandra Bullock movie. And I find the American legal system—and litigation in particular—very fascinating.

At Everlaw, I’m looking forward to helping more legal teams discover that document review and litigation doesn’t have to be painful. I’m also expecting to learn a lot along the way, and to document my journey for you. Please join me on this adventure as I take you behind the scenes at a legal tech startup working to solve ediscovery, once and for all, and let me know what you’d like to see!