Everlaw’s July Release: Reviewer QA, Enhanced Results, and More!

It’s summertime, but—just like you—we’ve been busy! We just released another upgrade to Everlaw, this time featuring a new automated reviewer QA system, a faster and more intuitive results table experience, and much more.


Reviewer QA and Conflicts Workflow

Automated Reviewer QA

Our new automated QA workflow helps you stay on top of reviewer performance, and ensure quality review. It will track reviewer error rates, allow for admin performance reviews, and automatically pull up documents with conflicting reviews. This is the beta version of the feature, so we are even more appreciative of your feedback than normal (if that is possible!).


Results Table Speed and Usability Improvements

Enhanced Results Table

Yes, the results table got a little more love. Ratings, categories, codes, tags, and users are now displayed in a more visually appealing style. Long metadata entries are truncated with an option to display the entire value. Finally, we’ve dramatically reduced the time it takes to load the results table for large searches.


Keyboard Shortcut Improvements

Keyboard Shortcuts

One thing we heard over and over from our users was that keyboard shortcuts were great, but they could be even better. We listened, and have now made two substantial improvements to keyboard shortcuts. You can now pull up a list of keyboard shortcuts by pressing the ‘?’ key. We have also added keyboard shortcuts to the results table!

We’re hard at work on even more great features. Stay tuned!