Everlaw’s Company Values

Long-Range Thinking Building a great litigation platform demands a long-term outlook. At Everlaw, we take a long-term view on everything from hiring to technical infrastructure to customer relations. We ask ourselves, “Is what we’re building now going to work in ten years?”

Our company values help us maintain that long-term perspective. I’m happy to share them here to give you some insight into how we make decisions as a company.


Attention to Detail

We believe that a great product gets the small things right. No matter what we’re working on, whether it’s a new feature or an email to a user, we pay attention to every detail.


Belief in Process and Commitment to Growth

We believe that every challenge is a learning experience, and we aggressively codify and update our procedures and best practices to improve ourselves. We are eager to learn from each other and from external sources.


Deep, Not Broad

We focus on the features that matter and make them great. We do not attempt to match competitors feature-for-feature.


Egoless Communication and Mutual Respect

We work together to build a great company. We welcome feedback, respect differing opinions, give compliments freely, and take pride in our collective achievements.


Respect for Users

The success of the company depends on our users—even the ones that don’t pay the bills. We don’t sacrifice user experience for technical or business expediency.