The LegalTech West Coast 2014 Exhibitor Awards

LegalTech West Coast is one of the most important legal technology events of the year.  While it might be overshadowed somewhat by its New York sibling, the event still draws a large and relatively eclectic crowd of legal technology enthusiasts and vendors eager to meet them.  Indeed, the Exhibit Hall is the pulsing heart of LegalTech, alive with energy as exhibitors pull out all the stops to connect with potential customers.

Some of those efforts are more effective—or at least more admirable—than others.  Here are our LegalTech West Coast 2014 Exhibitor Awards recognizing the most notable among them!

Biggest Elephant: eSentire

It’s hard to imagine topping eSentire’s elephant for sheer audacity.  Elephant in the room?  You bet.

LTWC 2014 Exhibitor Awards: Biggest Elephant

Most Versatile: Lenovo

In a pinch, you could easily reconfigure this booth into a meeting room.  Or storm shelter.  Or boat.  Or anything you can imagine!  Perhaps that’s Lenovo’s point.

LTWC 2014 Exhibitor Awards: Most Versatile

Most Toys: Altruik

Remote control spider?  Check.  Flying digital sign?  Check.  Camera drone?  Check.  Could Altruik have brought more toys to give away?  Nope.  Did we want one?  Absolutely.

LTWC 2014 Exhibitor Awards: Best Toys

Biggest Carpet: LexisNexis

When you buy both sides of the aisle, the normal rules don’t apply.  Normal-sized carpets are out, too.

LTWC 2014 Exhibitor Awards: Biggest Carpet

Most World Cup: Rand Secure Data

They scored a goal with their live stream of World Cup games.  We were kicking ourselves for missing the chance.  Clearly, we should have used our heads.

LTWC 2014 Exhibitor Awards: Most World Cup

Most Functional: Konica Minolta

Hoping to get some work done on the road?  With a full-size office photocopier, the Konica Minolta booth would serve as an excellent temporary office.

LTWC 2014 Exhibitor Awards: Most Functional

Best Swag: Everlaw

It might not seem fair to crown ourselves the winner here, but we saw it all, so you’ll just have to trust us.  Even the security guard asked for one!

LTWC 2014 Exhibitor Awards: Best Swag
It was a fun couple of days, and we learned a lot. We’ll take a slightly more substantive dive into the LegalTech West Coast and our experiences next week, including our favorite booth designs, the most innovative exhibitors, the toughest questions we faced, and more.  Stay tuned!