10 Great Blogs for Tech-Savvy Litigators

For many, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer vacation season, the perfect time to catch up on reading.  You might have a book or two waiting in the wings, a stack of unread magazines, or a list of long-neglected blogs and news sources.  If you’re a litigator with an interest in technology, here are 10 great blogs we think you’ll want to consider adding to that pile!

1. Above the Law: https://abovethelaw.com

Written by lawyers for lawyers, Above the Law’s staff has been keeping lawyers in the loop about salacious scandals in courtrooms since 2006.

2. ComplexDiscovery: https://www.complexdiscovery.com

Rob Robison is no longer publishing his excellent weekly email updates, but you can still get comprehensive coverage of current ediscovery-related news on his blog.

Ediscovery on iPhone

3. iPhone JD: https://www.iphonejd.com

Written specifically for lawyers who use iPhones and iPads, Jeff Richardson reviews the latest mobile technology available for on-the-go lawyers.

4. Bow Tie Law Blog: https://bowtielaw.wordpress.com

Josh Gilliland, one of the two attorney bloggers for The Legal Geeks, keeps lawyers up to date on the newest trends in ediscovery.  And wears a bow tie.

5. Bitter Lawyer: https://www.bitterlawyer.com

Bitter Lawyer provides legal humor, entertainment, and news for lawyers, law students, and the people who love them.  Think Buzzfeed for lawyers, except with fewer pictures of puppies.

6. IT-Lex: https://it-lex.org

A rare 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to education and research on technology and the law.  Their motto is eschewing tech law obfuscation to enlighten everyone’s inner geek.

7. SCOTUS Blog: https://www.scotusblog.com

SCOTUSblog is devoted to comprehensively covering the U.S. Supreme Court without bias.  Winner of both a Peabody and a Webby award, we’d say they’re crushing it.

8. Lawyerist: https://lawyerist.com

From online marketing strategy to technology reviews, Lawyerist covers everything lawyers need to know about marketing their firm to potential clients.

9. ACEDS News: https://www.aceds.org/category/news/

You don’t have to be a member of the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists to enjoy their coverage of breaking news and in-depth analyses of issues affecting the e-discovery field.

10. Greedy Associates: https://blogs.findlaw.com/greedy_associates/

Just getting into the game?  Then this blog is made for you.  Greedy Associates is a lifestyle and news blog written by young attorneys to help their peers climb the career ladder.