The Everlaw Way: The Story Behind our Diamond Document Logo


My first project upon joining the Everlaw team as a Designer was to start the rebranding process with a new logo in honor of the new name.  I began by interviewing the team to better understand the core principles and values that shape Everlaw’s products.  Some key words that came up repeatedly in those conversations were powerful, focused, fast, and intuitive.

Taking direction from those key words, I did quick sketches of any ideas that came to mind.  I find that during preliminary sketching, “quantity over quality” produces a wide range of concepts that you may have initially thought were too unrelated, too silly, etc.  There is always potential in the unexpected.  I sketched anything from swords to mountains to infinity signs.

Logo Sketches

After creating digital sketches of many different symbols I once again solicited feedback from the team.  It was clear, however, that these ideas were only concentrating on certain adjectives about the product, not something that stood for the company.  I began sketching again.

I thought about using a diamond as a play on “ever” and a reference to the permanence and strength that diamonds have come to represent.  Documents are also central to Everlaw, given our grounding in document review and growing feature set across the rest of litigation’s document-heavy workflow, so a bold diamond resembling a document felt fitting.  The symbol represents how Everlaw is simple, powerful, and “cutting-edge” in the ediscovery space, and it resonated with the team immediately.  In the end, I decided on a thinner typeface with unique curves for a professional but approachable feel.

Diamond Doc Evolution

Design is an iterative process that relies on conversation.  Certainly, it’s a little reassuring if others think a design is “cool” or “pretty,” but it’s most important for a logo to serve as a representation of the brand in the simplest way possible.  When you’ve been working on a logo design for weeks, you rely on your peers to see things you’ve overlooked and to provide unique insight.  The evolution of the “Diamond Document” logo provides a terrific example of that creative collaboration at work.

Everlaw Animated Logo