Best of ABA TECHSHOW 2014: LawPal

At Everlaw, one of our core values is deep, not broad.  This means that we focus on solving specific, intractable problems, and we dive deep into those problems to create the most elegant and complete solutions.  That’s why we love it when we see legal technology providers who share our philosophy, companies like LawPal.

I found LawPal tucked away behind a pillar on the ABA TECHSHOW Expo floor (booth 501 on this map).  Despite their location and relatively simple setup, though, they were one of the busiest booths at the show (check out my fuzzy iPhone shot below for proof).  Clearly, their product struck a chord with attendees.

And why wouldn’t it?  Founders Yael Citro, Alex Halliday, and Ross Crawford-d’Heureuse have created an elegant and complete solution to one of law’s intractable problems: dealmaking.  If you’ve ever negotiated a contract, for example, you’ve probably suffered through the endless back-and-forth, confusing changes, and byzantine paper trails.  LawPal streamlines this entire process, giving you one beautiful, organized interface for real-time collaboration and monitoring of the transaction.

I spoke with the team and saw a demo, and was greatly impressed with their commitment to thoroughly solving this one, big problem.  Having launched at ABA TECHSHOW, they know they still have a long way to go, but this first release already looks like a superior alternative to traditional tools.  I would not be surprised to see LawPal’s structured, intuitive approach become the new standard for complex transactions.

LawPal is also emblematic of other trends in legal technology I witnessed at ABA TECHSHOW, trends I will cover in another post later this week.  Stay tuned for more!