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Partner Standards of Conduct

Last Updated: January 25, 2022

Everlaw’s mission is to promote justice by illuminating truth. We believe in the rule of law, and we believe that justice is served by acting legally and ethically. Ultimately in our business, integrity is everything. At Everlaw, we seek to work with others who share our commitment to privacy, security, ethics, and compliance.

Everlaw designed these Partner Standards of Conduct to give you an understanding of the core expectations we have of you, which will help our business relationship succeed.

These Partner Standards of Conduct are not intended to supersede, replace, or conflict with any applicable law, regulation, or contractual obligation with Everlaw.

Everlaw Values

Everlaw’s core philosophy is to build for the long term, and we are committed to complying with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and ethical guidelines. To succeed in the long term, we must make decisions with integrity and discipline.

We have the same expectations from all of Everlaw’s business partners, which includes resellers, referral partners, agents, subcontractors, technology partners, and any third parties acting on Everlaw’s behalf or for Everlaw’s benefit (collectively, “Partners”).

Your willingness to raise ethical, compliance, and security concerns is essential to the well-being of our Partners and customers and of Everlaw. We encourage Partners to work with their main Everlaw contact to resolve any compliance concerns. However, Everlaw recognizes that this may not always be possible or appropriate. In such situations, Partners should report any concerns to or through the Everlaw Integrity Line.

Business Ethics

When dealing with Everlaw customers, end-users, or prospective customers, Partners must act in accordance with all applicable laws and in a manner that reflects the legal, regulatory, ethical, and reputational standards of Everlaw.

  • Advertising and Marketing. Everlaw is committed to the truthful and accurate communication of information about Everlaw’s product and services. Partners communications and promotional materials must be honest and factual.

  • Anti-bribery. Everlaw does not allow bribery – we compete honestly and fairly for all business opportunities. Partners must comply with all applicable anti-corruption and anti-money laundering laws. All forms of bribery, kickbacks, illegal commissions, and other corruption are prohibited. No Partner will directly or indirectly seek to improperly influence others, including, through improper or unlawful gifts, meals, travel, or entertainment or by any other means that is considered unethical, illegal, or harmful to Everlaw’s reputation for honesty and integrity.

  • Antitrust. Partners must conduct their business in full compliance with all applicable fair competition and antitrust laws. Partners must only engage in lawful means of obtaining information about competitors, and Partners must be committed to fair, reliable, and honest relationships with suppliers and business partners as we work together to serve customers.

  • Business Records and Accounting. Everlaw relies on accurate and complete disclosures and business records. Partners must ensure all transactions are properly recorded and reported, as required. The business records of Partners must conform with applicable legal, accounting, and regulatory requirements. Partners will not make false, misleading, or artificial entries in any financial books, records, or accounts.

  • Conflicts of Interest. Partners should avoid any activities that constitute or could create the appearance of a conflict of interest in connection with Everlaw related business.

  • Fairness, Dignity, and Respect. Partners should always act in an honest, respectful, and responsible way.

  • Government Contracting. When handling any government business, Partners must comply with government contracting laws and regulations, and must report any organizational conflicts of interest to Everlaw. Partners must not give anything of value to a government employee in connection with Everlaw-related business without consulting with Everlaw. Partners must not use appropriated funds to pay, influence, or attempt to influence any person, agency, or third party to solicit, lobby for, or otherwise obtain a government contract for Everlaw.

  • Intellectual Property and Proprietary Information. Partners must respect intellectual property rights and protect proprietary information. Partners must always act responsibly with the sensitive information of Everlaw, competitors, customers, and other stakeholders.

  • International Trade Restrictions. Partners must comply with all international trade laws, including applicable export, import, and sanctions laws and regulations. Partners will not release or send export-controlled information to foreign persons or foreign nations without the necessary government approval.

  • Privacy. Partners must always protect privacy and confidentiality, including complying with all applicable data protection and privacy laws, including HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR. Everlaw’s Privacy Notice, which describes how Everlaw collects, uses, processes, and discloses personal information, is applicable to Partners. Partners must only use personal information when needed to operate effectively or comply with the law. In the event that Partners collect any personal information on behalf of Everlaw, Partners represent and warrant that: (A) they, and any third party sources, will do so in compliance with applicable privacy laws; and (B) they, and any third party sources, have provided all appropriate notice to individuals and obtained all necessary and valid consents, approvals, and authorizations to provide such personal information to Everlaw and to enable Everlaw to lawfully process such personal information.

Employment Practices

Partners must provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees, and must follow all applicable employment, health and safety laws.

  • Fair employment practices. Everlaw expects its Partners to be equal opportunity employers who are committed to providing a work environment free of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and disrespectful acts. Partners are expected to comply with all applicable laws providing equal employment opportunities and prohibit unlawful discrimination.

  • No forced labor. Everlaw opposes human trafficking in all forms and supports the Government’s policy prohibiting trafficking in persons. Partners must abide by local minimum wage and maximum working hour requirements, must not use child labor, debt bondage, forced labor, or labor contracts that impose unreasonable restrictions on a worker’s ability to leave their employment.

Culture of Integrity

Partners are expected to build their own culture of integrity and compliance within their organizations.

  • Risk Management. Partners must maintain relevant internal controls suitable for their business and review these from time to time.

  • Training. Partners must ensure their employees, consultants, agents, representatives, subcontractors, and subadvisors understand these obligations.

  • Cooperation. Partners are expected to cooperate fully with Everlaw in relation to any audit, due diligence requests, or in the event of any investigations in relation to their relationship with Everlaw.