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Interviewing at Everlaw

Your Next Career Move Starts with a Conversation

We’re excited to learn about you and if we’re a good fit for each other. Please don’t be hesitant to apply. We don’t believe in the ‘perfect’ candidate and encourage you to reach out if you feel you can bring value to our team, even if you think you’re missing some skills. We might also reach out to you directly (on LinkedIn or through another channel) about an opportunity we think is right for you. We might even reach out more than once, because we’re interested in learning more about you!

Benita Lao headshot

I could not have asked for a more thoughtful, transparent, and efficient interview process!

Benita Lao
Senior Recruiter

The Hiring Process


Remember, you don’t need to be a “perfect” candidate to apply.

Say Hello to Your Recruiter

Talk to an Everlaw recruiter to discuss the role and your career goals.

Connect with the Hiring Manager

Learn more about the position, explore key competencies, and ask any questions you may have.

Meet the Team

You’ll have the chance to interview with multiple Everlawyers across the hiring team.

Accept Your Offer

If it’s a match, we’ll extend an offer and get you on the path to becoming an Everlawyer!

Matthew Kaplan headshot

From an engineer’s viewpoint, the documentation for a successful environment was greatly appreciated to assist me in starting off on the right foot!

Matthew Kaplan
Software Engineer

Getting to Know You, Intentionally

Our hiring process was designed intentionally, with fairness and equity in mind: job descriptions focused on performance objectives for you to decide if the role aligns with your goals; structured interviews focused on the key competencies needed to succeed; and skills tests to let your strengths shine. You’ll meet members of your future team as well as cross-functional interviewers who’ll assess your alignment with our core values. During the process, there will be multiple touchpoints with different team members, where you will have the opportunity to learn more about us and ask questions. We want to get to know one another quite well, so that we can both make a great decision about mutual fit!


From Candidate Journey to Everlawyer

In most cases, you’ll be in contact with a recruiter who will guide you through the candidate journey. Hiring teams carefully review and discuss feedback before making final decisions, and hold a debrief for every candidate who completes the hiring process. If you receive an offer, you’ll also receive a copy of our Everlaw Manifestos, which will help you understand our values and work culture in more detail as you make your final decision.


Welcome to the Team! What’s Next?

Your Everlawyer journey begins as soon as you accept! All new employees participate in an onboarding program designed to immerse you in the Everlaw culture, expose you to the product, build community across your onboarding cohort and beyond, and educate you on the significance of our values. During this time, you will be introduced to various facets of the organization, meet with senior leadership from across the company, and, most importantly, gain knowledge about working at Everlaw that you can take with you as you join your team and start your new role.