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Everlaw for Good

Learn more about Everlaw for Good’s partner programs and eligibility requirements.

Everlaw for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations are on the frontlines of some of the world’s most complex legal challenges yet only have a fraction of the resources of their larger for-profit counterparts. Everlaw works with nonprofits to help alleviate the burden of limited resources and to provide fact-finding tools for promoting justice.

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Everlaw for Pro Bono

Promoting justice involves increasing its accessibility. Everlaw supports the civic importance of offering legal aid to underserved members of society. That is why we are proud to provide our platform to pro bono lawyers and programs in law firms of all sizes. As we empower pro bono lawyers, we help to bridge the justice gap in the legal sector.

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Everlaw for Investigative Journalists

Journalists need the best investigative tools to dig through documents, locate key pieces of information, and weave them into stories. No matter the document type – whether emails, audio/video files, or PDFs – journalists can use Everlaw to connect the dots. Everlaw also enables journalists to work with their teams in real time – from wherever they are.

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Everlaw for Educators

Lack of ediscovery technology education in law school can impact efficacy in the courtroom. Aspiring lawyers and legal technology professionals use Everlaw to supplement and enhance their ediscovery knowledge, before even starting in the workforce. Additionally, university-sponsored law clinics utilize our tools while providing legal services to clients.

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Everlaw for CJA

To keep up with the exponential growth of criminal discoverable data and rapid pace of change in communication and other digital evidence produced by the USG, Everlaw offers a more intuitive and modern ediscovery experience. Through the Everlaw for CJA program, Criminal Justice Act Panel Attorneys can do more for their clients who can not afford their own representation, and help to level the playing field to illuminate the truth.

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Initial Eligibility*

Non Profit

Organization Status

The organization must have or be fiscally sponsored by an organization with U.S. 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in good standing. Non-U.S. organizations must have equivalent status in their country of jurisdiction.

Mission Fit

The organization’s primary mission must fit one or more Everlaw for Good program categories.

Pro Bono

Organization & Case Status

The pro bono matter must be represented by a law firm or barred attorney, with no expectation of compensation or fee recovery.

Mission Fit

The matter must represent clients or involve a larger societal issue that fits one or more Everlaw for Good program categories.

Investigative Journalists

Organization Status

The organization must be a credible media outlet or independent journalist with positive ratings from 3rd party fact checkers.

Mission Fit

The focus of the investigation or investigative track record of the organization must fit one or more Everlaw for Good program categories.


Organization Status

The organization must be an accredited academic institution offering law courses or a law clinic affiliated with an accredited academic institution.

Mission Fit

For law clinics only, the clinic’s primary mission must fit one or more Everlaw for Good program categories.


User Status

Users must be active on their District’s Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Panel, and in connection with CJA appointment(s) under Chapter 2, § 210: Representation under the CJA.

Mission Fit

The user must be providing criminal Defense for client(s) who can not afford their own representation in federal court.

*These are minimum eligibility requirements for each organization type. Each applicant will be evaluated individually.

NPOs are not eligible for Everlaw for Good if they have a policy or mission of discrimination in hiring, compensation, promotion, termination, retirement, training, programs, and/or services based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, political affiliation, union membership, or veteran status.  

Everlaw reserves the right to grant or deny an organization’s application or participation at any time, for any reason, and to supplement or amend our eligibility guidelines at any time without notice. Selections are made at Everlaw’s sole discretion. Additionally, Everlaw reserves the right to reduce or remove an organization’s access to Everlaw for Good if the organization is determined to abuse the program.