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Early Case Assessment on Everlaw

by Christina Ling


The increase in the size and volume of collections coupled with shrinking budgets due to the global pandemic means that value and cost savings are top of mind for legal departments and their clients for modern discovery projects. Legal teams are seeking workflows and pricing models that allow for cost control while still accommodating comprehensive collections processes that deliver robust results to clients. 

Early Case Assessment on Everlaw

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Early Case Assessment (ECA) on Everlaw, which we designed to enable teams to investigate data early in the discovery process, improve efficiency during review, and reduce overall costs. Everlaw’s ECA offering gives legal teams of all sizes a single unified platform to perform the entire early case assessment and review process.

The Everlaw ECA Difference

ECA on Everlaw allows customers to host data at a lower cost in a staging environment with robust search and analysis capabilities. Documents are fully processed upfront, allowing users to access and view imaged documents in the ECA staging area, not just the documents’ text or metadata as with other ECA solutions.

Our ECA offering is also unique in that teams can access data visualization tools, which are typically excluded from ECA offerings. Users can utilize Data Visualizer to identify junk documents and then promote the rest of the documents to an active review project. Additionally, they can use Data Visualizer to isolate potential gaps in collections, hone in on key documents faster, and stage a review more efficiently by visualizing custodians, file types, date ranges, or file directories.

Legal teams can complement data visualization with Everlaw’s best-in-class searches and search term reports in the ECA environment to identify which documents to cull from the database and which to review for responsiveness or relevance, significantly reducing the amount of information needing review.

Typically, users will be provided a list of relevant terms provided by the court and the opposing party, run searches based on these terms, and then promote the documents yielded by those searches. Once they have identified relevant or responsive documents, customers can directly promote them in bulk from the ECA environment into their active review environment for immediate review.

Run Your Entire ECA and Review Process on Everlaw

We can’t wait to see what your legal teams do next with Everlaw. If you’re already an Everlaw customer, you can discuss your existing workflows in-depth with our Customer Success team to see if Everlaw ECA can improve your team’s effectiveness or help your bottom line. If you’re not yet on Everlaw, talk to our sales team to learn more. 

For more information, sign up for an Everlaw demo today.