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Everlaw Partner Program: Fueling Ediscovery Innovation

by Rich Liu

Corporate Essentials

Technological advances are transforming the way we work globally. Financial services, HR, IT, and sales have all gone through a digital transformation and unlocked tremendous value. It’s a complex transition, and companies that make the leap smoothly often rely on professional services. 

Up next: legal. 

The legal industry is undergoing a great shift. The digital modernization of corporate law departments, law firms, and public-sector offices is well underway. As the sector transitions from legacy, on-premises architecture to modern cloud technology, professional services partners can provide a critical bridge in terms of expertise, thought leadership, strategic project management, and proven technical skills to partner with organizations that take advantage of the change.

This is why I’m excited to share news about the Everlaw Partner Program, which we announced on October 12. We believe a thoughtfully integrated software-plus-services approach is a powerful path to success. Unlike traditional partner programs in the ediscovery space, our approach to partnerships is rooted in tech-industry best practices.

Unlike other programs in the ediscovery space, our approach to partnerships is rooted in tech-industry best practices.

Our emphasis is on building joint capabilities among Everlaw, our partners, and our clients and on working arm in arm with partners to enable outstanding long-term outcomes for joint customers. Together with our key partners, we’re accelerating the transition to our modern, cloud-based ediscovery solution for our customers.

The Everlaw Partner Program launches with an array of more than a dozen professional services partners – including managed and advisory services providers Epiq, Consilio, Elevate, Cognicion, and ILS. Each deeply understands the power of digital technology and how it is transforming the legal industry. We’re committed to investing in and growing with our strategic partners. Meet our partners.

Industry-Leading Technology Plus Transformational Change-Management Expertise

The legal industry is at an inflection point in its transition to the cloud. The shift is inevitable, underscored by findings from a recent report where an overwhelming majority of respondents (96%) said that cloud-based discovery is or will soon be the norm. 

The legacy managed service provider ecosystem is undergoing its own transition. With the shift to the cloud, professional services providers will want to look for software as a service technology delivery models that let them build on their deep services expertise and the strategic advisory relationships they have with their clients. Providers will also modernize their own infrastructure to the cloud.

Everlaw’s program was designed for an industry at these crossroads, enabling our partners to adopt digital transformation practices centered around our leading ediscovery technology, enhanced by our developer API platform, and powered by a go-to-market approach that is built around co-selling. And because Everlaw’s core mission is to design cutting-edge technology, with no intention of building a professional services business, our program has a natural synergy with services providers.

One thing that’s not changing is how clients access ediscovery and digital forensics technology. A majority of that procurement happens through services providers, and that will continue even as the legal industry transitions to the cloud. Everlaw’s business model gives our partners a market advantage from this perspective, too. Unlike the partner programs of our legacy technology competitors, Everlaw’s partner ecosystem is greenfield: To date, most of our business has been direct. This puts us – and our partners – in a unique position to build a new channel-based ecosystem around Everlaw’s ediscovery platform, with a natural bias toward co-selling instead of competing, a key factor that differentiates our program from those of our competitors.

Our customers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of our approach because of the cloud-driven capabilities that we bring to market.

Our joint customers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of our approach because of the cloud-driven capabilities that Everlaw and our partners bring to market. Our partners have deep expertise with a range of client segments – from enterprise and small business and law firms to government agencies around the world. Through our coordinated delivery, our clients will benefit from an array of services ranging from information governance and ediscovery through trial preparation – all customized to their particular needs.

For organizations already stretched thin, allocating strong thought leaders and technical talent to design and operationalize the transformation to digital can seem insurmountable, but it doesn’t have to be. Our partners – together with Everlaw – will deliver true transformational change management, world-class thought leadership and specialized technical skills to ensure a smooth execution and a tailored solution. 

Innovate, Evolve, Succeed

The legal profession is just at the beginning of its digital transformation. Few in the industry appreciate the true magnitude of the coming disruption – or the advantages in terms of speed, efficiency, and ability to scale that leaders who reinvent their operations will reap, and the potentially transformative impact on their organizations.

With our new Partner Program, Everlaw will help current and future partners transform the services ecosystem and, most importantly, empower legal teams to succeed in a fast-changing and hypercompetitive environment. 

Learn more about Everlaw’s Partner Program.