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Promoting the greater good by illuminating the truth

Everlaw is on a mission to help promote justice by illuminating truth. Hundreds of journalists, educators, and non-profit users rely on Everlaw every day to make their work more efficient and impactful.

Everlaw for journalists

Journalists need the best investigative tools to dig through documents, locate key pieces of information, and weave them into stories. They often must sift through massive troves of documents—whether emails, text messages, or files—to connect the dots.

And for highly complex investigations, they need to work collaboratively. Everlaw enables journalists to quickly and accurately analyze large data sets to uncover the facts that matter and build compelling narratives.

Everlaw for educators

Aspiring lawyers and technology professionals can find themselves ill-equipped to enter the legal arena due to inadequate ediscovery proficiency. Lack of ediscovery technology education in law school can impact efficacy in the courtroom. Everlaw strives to better prepare the next generation of attorneys and legal technology professionals by offering access to the platform so that students can gain exposure to ediscovery prior to entering the workforce. 

"Dealing with the latest document dump can be an exercise in controlled chaos. In addition to handling a mix of often unexpected file formats, we have to coordinate the review documents among reporters who may be scattered across the country or the world. We’re excited about Everlaw’s potential—especially the workflow management tools—to help tame this process so we can focus on what matters: uncovering the news."

Serdar Tumgoren, Data Journalism, Associated Press

Everlaw for non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations face many of the same challenges as large for-profit firms but with a fraction of the resources. Everlaw works with these non-profits to help alleviate the burden of limited resources in their quest to promote justice through their work advocating for civil rights, tackling class-action lawsuits, conducting post-conviction appeals, and much more.

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