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Scharf Banks Marmor Sets the Bar for Security and Efficiency

Their Story

Scharf Banks Marmor LLC is a sophisticated Chicago-based, women-owned law firm whose attorneys come from leading AmLaw 100 firms and Fortune 100 corporate law departments. The firm’s lawyers concentrate their practices in complex litigation, employment law, products liability, corporate compliance, antitrust, and food law. Their clients include multinational corporations in financial services, consulting, healthcare, insurance, medicine, and the food industry, as well as government organizations and private individuals.

The Challenge

The team at Scharf Banks Marmor had formerly leveraged ediscovery software that presented a number of difficulties when handling massive search, review, and trial preparation tasks.

Their existing software required boolean logic for searches, forcing reviewers to not only be proficient in an arcane technical language but to also know exactly what they wanted to look for before having explored any of the documents. Unfortunately, there was no way to get an overview of the document corpus before searching. The ability to conduct early case exploration was nonexistent. And on top of all these limitations, the tool required them to manually download individual exhibits as PDFs in order to view them.

To better serve our clients, we desperately wanted a new solution that wouldn’t require a lot of back-end programming, that wouldn’t force us to be dependent on a certified administrator to fix minor things, and that would be far more visually intuitive so we could quickly move through review and trial preparation.

— Jesse KehrParalegal, Scharf Banks

The Everlaw Solution

The team at Scharf Banks Marmor instantly recognized how easy it is to perform basic ediscovery tasks on Everlaw. The drag-and-drop interface of visual search, featuring color-coded rules of logic, makes it easy to build highly sophisticated searches, even for new users. Instead of coding every document individually, they found they could save time by performing batch redactions on groups of documents, especially those containing PII or PHI. These features streamline search and review tasks and greatly improve coordination between team members.

Scharf Banks Marmor also noticed an immediate difference in the data visualization and predictive coding capabilities of the Everlaw platform. They learned that they could leverage its data visualization capabilities to generate interactive, customizable visualizations from any set of documents. With an ability to incorporate predictive coding data into searches and view it in combination with other insights gleaned from data visualization, the team was able to significantly reduce review time by making better decisions on how to conduct document reviews.

We loved how Everlaw was much more intuitive, practical, and flexible to use. When we need help, we find the free support resources are excellent and always up to date.

— Morgan ChurmaScharf Banks, Litigation Associate

Collaborating as a team on the same platform also made document review proceed much more smoothly for attorneys and support staff. The team can collaboratively highlight and annotate documents simultaneously, assign out documents, and message each other without ever leaving Everlaw. This eliminates the cost and inconvenience of communicating across multiple, disconnected software applications and moves issues to resolution faster.

Scharf Banks Marmor also leverages the security certifications of the Everlaw as a competitive differentiator when pursuing new corporate clients, especially in the financial services, consulting, insurance, and medical industries. Everlaw has a comprehensive approach to security that spans architecture, software design, people and process that has been validated by SOC 2 Type II certification in addition to being FedRAMP In Process. Everlaw has also completed independent audits for both HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

Our clients are intrigued to see how we use the Everlaw platform to become more efficient as a law firm.

— Morgan Churma Litigation Associate, Scharf Banks


Scharf Banks Marmor leverages Everlaw to deliver better outcomes for their clients. The intuitive review interface with powerful ECA, data visualization, and organization administration capabilities has translated into more efficient review timelines and collaboration. The use of the Everlaw platform at the firm has since expanded beyond ediscovery to include more complex matters, such as organization administration and trial preparation.

To learn more about how your organization can also start leveraging Everlaw for litigation, schedule a demo to see Everlaw in action!