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Everlaw makes ediscovery simple.

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Self-Service Uploads

Upload both native data and produced documents by dragging and dropping files directly into Everlaw. Or have our data operations team do it for free.

Data Uploads from the Cloud

Upload data from the most popular cloud storage solutions. Everlaw connects with Slack, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Vault, and more.

Native Filetype Support

Review all sorts of documents, all in one secure place. Everlaw provides dedicated support for file types like spreadsheets, medical images, Slack messages, Microsoft Teams data, CAD files, videos, calendar invitations, Cellebrite exports, Encase archives, and more.

Early Case Assessment

Cloud Data Connectors

Upload data directly from the most popular cloud applications. Everlaw has API integrations with Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Vault, and more.

Upfront Processing and Imaging

Fully interact with the documents in the ECA environment. Documents are processed and imaged up front, even prior to being promoted to active review.

Simple, Powerful Search
Single-click Immediate Promotion
Data Visualizer
Painless Creation and Deployment Process

Create and deploy an unlimited number of holds to as many custodians as necessary. Flexibly modify and edit holds in just a few clicks.

Automated Tracking and Escalations

Free your team from manually-sent emails and massive tracking spreadsheets. Cut out manual processes with customized auto-notifications and escalations to managers. 

Integrated, for No Extra Cost

Connect custodians under holds with data uploaded to the platform. Everlaw Legal Holds comes bundled with the rest of the platform, so you’re never paying extra.

Faster, Deeper Searches

Search smarter with Everlaw. Visually build search queries with stackable metadata, content, and work-product filters that instantly return accurate results. Quickly understand the nature of each search with a clear visual overview of its parameters.

Smarter Email Searching

Dig deeper into emails. Use Everlaw Smart Terms to automatically find communications between people rather than email addresses, and to identify side conversations only between specific people. Don’t miss out on information that would otherwise be overlooked.

Efficient Review

Foreign Language Translation

Instantly speak the language of the case. Everlaw can automatically translate 109 languages, from Albanian to Vietnamese. The integrated translation feature helps bring clarity to the case, without worrying about add-on translation tools or services.

Simplified Redactions

Redact documents confidently without having to manually redact individual documents, including native spreadsheets. Automatically identify and redact words, phrases, metadata, entire pages, or patterns, such as personally identifiable information (PII). Apply customizable redaction stamps to indicate the redaction reason.

Audio/Video Transcription

Get an instant window into information hiding within audio and video files. Everlaw automatically generates searchable transcripts synced during audio/video playback. Attach a note to a timestamp for future reference.

Coding Rules

Structure review and ensure consistency across documents by implementing coding rules. With auto or conditional coding, project admins can dictate that documents that are contextually related to each other – i.e. duplicates or attachments – be automatically coded in the same way, dramatically speeding up review, or require users to perform certain actions when specific criteria are met, reducing the likelihood of error.


Take control of review. Organize review across large teams by allocating documents to reviewers through the assignments tool. Track reviewers’ progress, establish specific review criteria, and automate review with dynamic assignments that update and change with the data.


Flexible Productions

Automatically create productions at any time. Create and save an unlimited number of productions in a project. Make legal work simple, self-service, and error-proof with customized protocol options, and easy clawbacks.

Exports & Shareable Links

Save time and eliminate back-and-forth exchanges with secure, auditable sharing options.

Illuminate Hidden Insights

Advanced Analytics


Quickly identify conceptually similar documents and glean valuable insights into large datasets without manually building a search. Clustering is an intuitive graphical display that, without any training, prior case knowledge, or use of external resources like dictionaries or ontologies, is able to group documents together based on conceptual similarity.

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Data Visualization

Explore document sets at a glance. Interactive data visualizations show key insights into document dates, metadata, contents, formats, review activity, predicted relevance, and more. Customize visualizations to see data in a way that works best.

Email Threading

Streamline overwhelming email review by instantly viewing emails in their threads without the need to run additional scripts. Everlaw eliminates reviewing duplicative emails, displays emails in context, identifies inclusive emails, and helps spot missing emails in complicated chains.

Predictive Coding

Machine Learning

Teach Everlaw how to find the most important documents. After assigning custom ratings, codes, and attributes, Everlaw’s powerful machine learning algorithm learns to predict document relevance, enabling more efficient review.

Performance Graphs

Test your argument before trial begins. Everlaw performance statistics help create a defensible model that holds up to legal scrutiny and provides more insight about when to stop the review process.

Weighted Terms

Improve a predictive coding model by adding extra importance to particular words or phrases that are more relevant than others. These weighted terms will produce more accurate results and help prioritize review for legal teams.

Act on Key Evidence


Timeline Organization

Create a collaborative repository that organizes the most important documents as the team builds the case narrative. Never waste time or money exporting and importing documents into other systems again.

Collaborative Drafts

Work together in real-time on a unified platform that is already integrated with discovered documents. Use Storybuilder Drafts to outline cohesive case strategy, share review protocols, draft internal briefs or memos, and more.

Digitized Depositions

Organize depositions digitally from the start. Collaborate on deposition prep and execution, and chat with team members in real-time while the deposition is occurring.

Deposition Transcripts and Testimony

Import electronic transcripts into Everlaw to review, annotate, and link exhibits all in one place. Elevate snippets of transcripts to key testimony for future reference. Search across all transcripts in large matters to find the perfect testimony.

Storybuilder by Everlaw

Manage the end-to-end process of investigations and litigation with an integrated suite of post-review tools for free with Storybuilder by Everlaw.

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Securely Work on Matters as a Team

Collaboration and Cloud Security

Secure Communication

Safeguard messages between team members. Everlaw’s in-platform messaging enables collaboration between colleagues easily without compromising security.

Seamless Sharing

Share information effortlessly with the people who need it. Everlaw enables teams to create and share assignments, binders of documents, folders, complex searches, and more, all with the right level of permissions.

Granular Permissions and User Groups

Securely manage groups of users down to a granular level. Grant access to features and tools like codes, assignment groups, and Storybuilder objects (Depositions, Drafts, etc.). All user activity is fully logged in the system so any suspicious activity can be quickly detected and addressed.

Document Access Management

Make sure that important data is only shared with the right users. Easily manage bringing in other crucial parties like outside counsel or expert witnesses without compromising security.

Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On

Increase account security by requiring a second method for identity authentication upon login. As an administrator, require that all users on a database enable MFA to prevent unauthorized access. Or, allow users to log into Everlaw via their existing directory service (e.g., GSuite, Active Directory, LDAP), eliminating the need to maintain a separate username and password.

Location Whitelisting

Ensure secure user access, especially in a remote working environment. Restrict database access to when users are in a secure workplace – either by IP address or country.

Matter Management

Search Across Projects

Find information quickly, even when it’s distributed across multiple projects. This is particularly useful for organizations that have many projects with similar or overlapping document sets.

Project Templates

Maintain consistency across all databases on Everlaw by using project templates. Save time by cloning existing general settings, transferring work product between projects, and duplicating administrative functionality like codes, user groups, and permissions each time a new case is opened.

Simple Project Administration

Take control of your projects. Create, rename, suspend, and delete projects on-demand without having to wait. Anticipate monthly costs by having clear visibility into all of your projects’ billable sizes from a straightforward dashboard.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Application Programming Interface (API)

Build custom applications, including accessing Everlaw organization and project information like database sizes, permissions groups, user information, and more. Automate dashboard and report generation to track project costs and sizes. Generate and manage API keys that allow programs using Everlaw’s API to securely connect to your organization’s data.

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