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Brooks Kushman Chose Everlaw to Get Their Attorneys up and Running Fast

Brooks Kushman, Michigan’s largest IP firm, chose Everlaw to get the firm, their cases, and all of their attorneys up and running fast

There’s no “smoking gun” to be found in their cases; instead, their attorneys need to build up each case carefully from a large number of documents to tell its story, which means that they need to get up and running fast.

When it came time to switch, Brooks Kushman needed to do it fast

Ben Harel, Brooks Kushman’s Director of Technology, told us how the firm got started with Everlaw: “We weren’t happy with what was going on with our current (installed) system. I gave Byron (Liu – our Everlaw Account Manager) a call. I said, ‘Can you be up and running within 48 hours?’ He said ‘Yeah, no problem.’ We uploaded 200,000 docs to Everlaw within less than 24 hours. I wish all my other problems were solved like that!”

Brooks Kushman needs each case up and ready fast, too

Harel went on to tell us that “most of our cases are very large and complex. From the sheer amount of documents that exist, being able to quickly search and have the data up and ready to review in a matter of minutes or hours is really helpful . . . that data needs to be available within just 10-20 minutes to review.”

Every Brooks Kushman attorney has to get up and running fast, also

Harel was pleasantly surprised at “how quickly we can onboard new attorneys to Everlaw. Everlaw is the only system we’ve used that’s very intuitive, very minimal—and I do mean minimal—training required for a user to know how to use it. Five minutes and they’re good to go.” Plus, once those attorneys are up and running, they are running at top speed: “With other tools, click from a native doc to the next one you can wait up to 20 seconds. Reviewing in Everlaw is as close to reviewing as native…just opening the document.”

Being on the cloud means being in the fast lane for upgrades

Harel lauded Everlaw’s “constant improvement in upgrading the system. There have been a large portion of improvements to Everlaw. Those updates are nondisruptive. They don’t require a maintenance window, we just walk in one day and they say ‘Hey, here are all the updates that are available,’ and we really like that.”