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Lighting the Way: 2021 Ediscovery Trends & Everlaw’s 2022 Predictions

Keep pace with a changing world focusing on ECA, legal holds, cloud connectors, and more

Last year was a time of change and disruption. The legal ecosystem has been impacted dramatically by legal professionals shifting to hybrid and remote working environments. Throughout it all, Everlaw has strived to keep pace with the changing world, releasing over 50 high-impact features to meet our customers’ rapidly changing needs – and launching Storybuilder by Everlaw, a no-cost option for those in need of a collaborative, comprehensive toolkit for deposition and trial preparation.

This white paper dives into key ediscovery trends of 2021 and predicts what is in store for 2022. You will learn about:

  • Exciting Everlaw product launches from 2021, like Early Case Assessment, Legal Holds, and more cloud connectors

  • Ediscovery beyond litigation (internal investigations, FOIA/PRA requests, and more)

  • Remote legal work, like depositions and trials, and the importance of efficient collaboration