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2022 Ediscovery Innovation Report: From Big Law to Boutique

Read the results from our 2022 benchmarking survey of big and boutique law firms.

In Everlaw’s 2022 ediscovery benchmarking survey, we find that 63% of Am Law 200 firms are behind the technology curve, using on-premises ediscovery solutions. In contrast, a majority (51%) of midsize law firms have moved to cloud-based solutions.

Key findings from our survey include:

  1. As firms take the lead on embracing the cloud, they are consequently reporting greater cost efficiencies.

  2. Despite their resources, many of the largest firms report that understaffing is a significant challenge in their ediscovery process.

  3. Automation offers new opportunities for cost control.

Even as the legal industry acknowledges the future of ediscovery is on the cloud, many firms are late in moving to it. Meanwhile, data shows that those firms already capitalizing on the cloud have become more efficient and are tackling the toughest ediscovery challenges. Learn more in our full report.