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Prove Your Expertise with Everlaw Product Certification

by Rachel Beyer

The legal profession is in a moment of significant technological transformation. Today, legal’s transition to the cloud is well on its way, with 95% of the profession reporting that cloud-based ediscovery technology is or will soon be the industry standard, while leaders in technological adoption show significant benefits over those who lag behind. And as the profession embraces the cloud, generative AI tools promise to upend traditional ways of practicing law. Meanwhile, powerful analytical tools, from predictive coding to concept clustering to data visualization, are transforming the way litigators make sense of todays’ data

Keeping track of the latest developments on your own can be difficult – mastering these new tools, even more so.

We’re here to change that. 

Introducing the Everlaw Product Certification Program

Everlaw is excited to release its new certification program to our entire community of users. Announced at Everlaw Summit today, the Everlaw Product Certification Program is designed to help legal professionals of nearly all levels of technical expertise learn new skills and validate their existing expertise. 

Everlaw’s certification program combines learning, guided practice, and verification to ensure that users can leverage Everlaw to their fullest extent. The Everlaw Product Certification Program provides a host of options designed to fit individual and organizational needs, whether optimizing technology for expertly designed and efficient workflows, improving ediscovery expertise, or becoming a technological leader for the organization.

The Everlaw Product Certification Program is a modularized, self-guided learning experience on the platform built with specific product learning workflows. It combines learning, practice, and verification to ensure that the users can leverage Everlaw to the highest levels, become ediscovery experts, and prove their worth to those in their network.

Ediscovery Certification Tracks

Getting certified has never been easier with seven total certification tracks to level up your Everlaw platform skills. Anyone can take advantage of the program, but professionals dedicated to mastering different aspects of the product will really thrive. With the program’s specialized tracks, users can develop workflow mastery in order to streamline their organization’s processes, save time and money, and become the go-to expert for their peers

Enter the program at your comfort level and scale your credentials over time. All foundational, specialized, and advanced tracks build towards our expert level certification. 

Foundational tracks cover essential workflows such as search, document review, and narrative building. They can be completed in five hours or less and are intended for beginner or light users of Everlaw. 

Specialized tracks are intended for users looking to credential the specific product expertise required for their role and can be completed in under ten hours. 

Advanced and expert certifications incorporate both specialized and foundational tracks to build deeper product expertise. 

Foundational Tracks

Reviewer Certification 

  • Topics: Document review and search fundamentals. 

  • Best for: Beginners and professionals conducting document review on Everlaw.

  • Estimated completion: Five hours

Storybuilder Certification 

  • Topics: Timeline, collaborative drafting, and deposition workflows. 

  • Best for: Beginners and legal professionals collaboratively building their case narrative in Everlaw. 

  • Estimated completion: Three hours 

Specialized Tracks

Data Operations Certification 

  • Topics: Data uploads and productions. 

  • Best for: Those looking to conduct their own uploads and productions and professionals responsible for their team’s data operations. 

  • Estimated completion: Under 10 hours

Everlaw AI Certification

  • Topics: Clustering, predictive coding, and Everlaw’s generative AI feature set.

  • Best for: Intermediate and advanced users familiar with TAR and predictive coding workflows. 

  • Estimated completion: Under 10 hours

Review Manager Certification 

  • Topics: Document review, review management, and assignments. 

  • Best for: Professionals building or supporting their team’s document review workflows in Everlaw. 

  • Estimated completion: Under 10 hours

Advanced and Expert Tracks

Project Manager Certification 

  • Topics: Database and case setup, data exploration, and document review management.  Includes Reviewer and Data Operations specialized tracks.

  • Best for: Professionals overseeing their organization’s project administration efforts. 

  • Estimated completion: Over 20 hours

Litigation Support Manager Certification

  • This certification covers the full platform functionality and includes all foundational, specialized, and advanced tracks

  • Best for: Everlaw power users and professionals fully supporting their organization’s use of Everlaw. 

  • Beginner or intermediate users of Everlaw should expect to complete this certification over time. 

Picking the Best Ediscovery Certifications for You and Your Team

Users can pursue individual learning paths or group them together for advanced certifications. For example, users newer to Everlaw and ediscovery technology who are focused largely on document review, might decide to begin their program with a reviewer certification alone. Those managing larger projects may pursue a data ops certification, while technologists interested in artificial intelligence get Everlaw AI certified. 

But the program does not end with individual topic areas. Combine reviewer and data operations certifications for a project manager certification, or pursue them all for a litigation support manager certification.

Benefits of the Everlaw Product Certification Program

With Everlaw’s unique approach to product certification, legal professionals are empowered to develop the tools and accreditations that best suit their needs. Users can develop workflow mastery in order to streamline their organization’s processes, save time and money, and become the go-to expert for their peers. By becoming product certified, you’ll have all the knowledge you need at your fingertips to propel your team, company, and career forward.

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"Completing the Everlaw certification at an early stage in my journey with the platform helped me form a solid base on which to build my experience and knowledge."
- Hannah Meldrum, Edisclosure Junior Executive, Travers Smith

Learn more about the Everlaw Product Certification Program and get started here.