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Introducing the Everlaw Ediscovery Community

by Giulianno Lopez

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The modern legal professional has the unenviable task of not only adopting new technology but also learning how to best utilize that technology for various use cases. The influx of new and sometimes complicated ediscovery software can ultimately end up creating more headaches than solutions. But we’re here to change that.

We are very excited to announce that the Everlaw Ediscovery Community is opening to all Everlaw users! 

The community is a place for Everlaw users to grow their knowledge, enhance their legal work, and share their insights and perspectives with others. Through learning, best practices sharing, documentation, support, and member-exclusive events, members of this community are empowered to become true ediscovery experts. 

The community contains various spaces where members can interact and ask questions with each other as well as stay up to date on relevant Everlaw and ediscovery related topics.

Below is additional information about the community: 

Why was the community created?

The community was created to foster an environment for Everlaw users to feel supported by a community of helpful Everlaw experts, stay up to date with the latest trends in the ediscovery and legal tech industries, and feel empowered to be an expert contributor within the community and their organizations.

Why should a user join the community?

An Everlaw user should join the community to gain access to and insight from other Everlaw users as well as cross-functional members of the Everlaw team. The user community serves as an additional resource for Everlaw users to continue to expand their knowledge and abilities within the ediscovery space. It is also a space to provide product feedback and stay up-to-date with Everlaw and ediscovery trends. Through the community, we also host member-exclusive events, such as feature-specific workshops and product roadmap webinars.

Who can join the community? 

All non-federal Everlaw users will be able to join the community. At this time, prospects will not be able to join the community.

How does a user join the community?

A user can join the community by navigating to the help center (? icon) in their projects or by going to Users will be able to create an account from this page. They will need to create an account and cannot use their Everlaw credentials to log into the community.

Join now!