What Is Ediscovery?

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Ediscovery Use Cases

Internal Investigations

An internal investigation occurs when there is employee or human resources wrongdoing, an intellectual property dispute, or a regulatory compliance inquiry. Everlaw helps facilitate these investigations by assisting investigators to efficiently locate and organize relevant evidence and build a compelling narrative.

Data Privacy Requests

Obtaining and supplying documents through the FOIA can be difficult, and the backlog of public records requests continues to grow. Additionally, processing DSARs while ensuring CCPA compliance can be tedious. Everlaw helps a complex process run smoother by giving agencies and journalists the freedom to pursue and comply with FOIA requests.

Building a Case

After a lengthy review, the situation gets more challenging when teams move on to crafting timelines, argument outlines, and lists of questions. Everlaw’s Storybuilder enables teams to collaboratively organize relevant documents into a compelling body of evidence on the same unified platform where the review took place.

Who Needs Ediscovery?
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