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Welcome to Everlaw!

by AJ Shankar

We’ve changed our name: EasyESI is now Everlaw.

Over the past several years of doing business as an ediscovery vendor, we’ve gained tremendous insight into how our clients produce, discover, and review documents. 

Old Everlaw Logo

We’ve also seen how critical the post-review portion of litigation is; we know you can’t simply drop a pile of hot documents on a judge’s desk and declare victory. There’s an art to litigation, and we want to give you better tools to practice your craft, from finding documents to building a compelling story for the courtroom. In other words, we’re no longer just an ESI company.

The name Everlaw was chosen to reflect this broader scope. Our new “Diamond Document” logo represents cutting-edge technology, enduring value, and our roots in document review.

Our primary focus is still on a fast, powerful, and intuitive review experience. To that end, we have dozens of upcoming discovery features in the works. Under Everlaw’s broadened horizons, we’ll be introducing tightly integrated post-review features alongside our key discovery functionality. We hope you find them invaluable assets for your litigation toolbox.

The first of these features, StoryBuilder™, reached a milestone today. You can now prepare outlines for briefs and depositions collaboratively from within the Everlaw platform. Work with your colleagues simultaneously on the same outline; drag and drop hot documents to help them buttress key points; and export to Word or PDF when you’re ready to go.

We have many more tremendous features planned for the coming months and years. We’re excited about delivering even greater value to you as we take this next big step in our journey.

Media inquiries?  Please see our press kit.