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Standing desks: an easy way to make your law firm more productive

by Greg Marliave


Standing desks have taken over our office! It is a great way of making your firm or office a healthier and fitter workplace. Sitting down all day is known to cause all sorts of problems. Studies show it even lowers brain function!

Our desk of choice so far has been this Ikea DIY project. In addition to being very affordable, it gives you plenty of space. I made one modification though: I went with the deluxe version using the full size black coffee table. More space for my laptop and my monitor. I did not put in the extra shelf, though, as I wanted more space for paper files.

If DIY Ikea projects do not fit the power attorney image you are going for, nextdesk is my dream desk. Sleek look, configurable with a nice keyboard tray and simple cord management.

A few pro tips we have learned over the months:

  • Get a stool. Standing desks are awesome, but it doesn’t hurt to sit sometimes.

  • …and a mat, or other cushion for your feet. You have a comfortable chair right?

  • The first couple of weeks are the roughest. Hang in there, though. You will be hooked before you know it!