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Everlaw Joins the Reynen Court Solutions Store

by Everlaw

Reynen-Court-Partner webcard

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Reynen Court, a solution store for a host of top legal tech platforms. Everlaw joins over 100 other 3rd-party legal technology solutions on the Reynen Court platform, making it easier for law firms and legal departments to find, evaluate, and deploy legal technology at scale. 

Reynen Court has been making waves among the innovation-minded cadre of Big Law looking to invest in legal technology. It has built a consortium of leading global law firms supporting the development of their platform, chaired by Latham & Watkins and Clifford Chance. Additionally, Paul Weiss serves as vice-chair.

Why Everlaw Partnered with Reynen Court

In short, we were impressed by Reynen Court’s innovative and intuitive way of breaking the barriers that legal professionals typically face when it comes to vetting, adopting, and managing a modern cloud-based ediscovery platform. Additionally, Reynen Court’s extensive geographic reach beyond the US was equally appealing.

“Choosing a new technology that meets your performance, security, and financial needs historically requires a significant expenditure of resources and time. Reynen Court’s innovative legal technology platform neatly solves that problem.”

— AJ Shankar, Founder and CEO of Everlaw

Everlaw went through a lengthy vetting process with Reynen Court to ensure that our technology and security standards met their high standards. Throughout the vetting process, Reynen Court saw immense value in Everlaw and especially appreciated Everlaw’s ease-of-use and self-service design. We understand the benefit to users of having their legal tech tools in one place, and Everlaw is such an integral part of the legal product ecosystem that it made perfect sense to be included on this roster of cutting-edge applications.

“We’re thrilled to feature Everlaw in the Reynen Court Solution Store,” said Christian Lang, Reynen Court’s Head of Strategy. “Its commitment to revolutionizing a complex, but critical legal technology challenge through cutting-edge design that weaves together all the key threads of ediscovery projects into a streamlined user experience resonates deeply with the mission of Reynen Court to put the right tools, in the right hands, at the right time by removing the traditional friction and obstacles that stand between lawyers and the tools they need to do their best work.”

Everlaw and Reynen Court are both fast-growing companies in the legal tech space. Both are solving different aspects of the industry but are evolving and growing in ways that support one another, making this a perfect match and a fitting partnership.

For more information about Reynen Court, visit their website. And if you are a Reynen Court consortium member, Everlaw’s listing is now live for your review. Please reach out to if you have any questions or need more information.