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New Assignment Creation and Tracking Tools

by Jon Kerry-Tyerman


Our fourth release of the year is focused on one thing: Assignments.  Whether you’re the one assigning documents for review or the one receiving those assignments, we’ve incorporated your feedback to bring greater control and visibility to your workflow.  Here are the highlights!

New Assignment Creation Wizard

Assigning documents to others on your team just got easier and more intuitive.  This release introduces a redesigned assignment creation wizard, which remains accessible from the familiar location within the results table.  The interface will guide you through identifying assignees for the assignment, setting the document allocation ratios, and even establishing a block of unassigned documents for distribution later in the review process.

Assignment Cards

Once created, assignees will receive their assignment immediately via the internal Everlaw messaging system and as an assignment card directly on their homepage.  They can click the new card to get started, and, as they move through their assigned documents, the card will show their progress.  And the enhancements don’t stop there!

Assignments Dashboard

We’ve also created a new assignments dashboard where assignors can monitor—and even alter—assignments groups, individual assignments, and assignment review criteria.  From here, you can see the progress each assignee has made through their assigned batch, with tools readily available to reassign and allocated unassigned documents as needed to keep everyone working continuously and collaboratively.  Case leads can also use this interface to set or modify the assignment review criteria, ensuring you’re establishing the most useful benchmark for completion given the specific document set at hand.

As usual, this release also includes many small improvements.  For instance, have you ever wanted to apply a preset and then automatically move to the next document?  Now you can simply press and hold the Shift key before you press the preset number, and Everlaw will automatically advance to the next document after applying your desired coding pattern.  With Shift-P, it even works with Code As Previous!We have many more enhancements in the pipeline.  If you are interested in a glimpse into the Everlaw development process, and to potentially weigh in with feedback, give us a shout at