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Ian’s New Adventure: Behind the Scenes at Everlaw

by Ian Sink



A novel role and fresh challenges.  A cadre of dynamic colleagues—ripe with insight and skills to learn and duplicate.  A brand new beginning.  This is the thrilling state of affairs that I’ve jumped into by joining the Everlaw Team.

How I Got Here

My journey to this juncture has been appropriately rambling; as a lawyer, I spent my early career in the practitioner world developing an instant and long-lasting appreciation for tools and techniques that made my professional life easier.  Realizing this was more than a fling, I decided to transition into the world of product development focused on crafting better legal solutions.  My first steps on this career path were via LexisNexis, home to a mature and deep bench of products, publications and tools for attorneys, where I moved from project management to editorial operations to product development over the course of almost seven years—gaining throughout an appreciation for what works and what doesn’t work in building and rolling out top notch legal products.

The Everlaw Way

Flash forward to the present.  As has been documented in Cecilia’s excellent “behind the scenes” series, Everlaw is an eclectic group of innovative thinkers committed to tackling pervasive problems with a laser focus.  I’m beyond thrilled to join the team and apply what I’ve learned over the years to help in the mission of removing the pain from ediscovery and litigation.  This is an exciting new phase in my ongoing relationship with legal solutions, and one that I’m confident will be fascinating and highly productive.

Ian in Brief

A few Ian factoids:  I was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska (go Nanooks!).  I attended UC Berkeley for my undergraduate degree in history, and UCLA for law school.  I love the Golden State Warriors with an unhealthy passion and recently returned from a vacation to Kenya where I witnessed the Great Migration up close.  I also made a new friend!