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How Everlaw Makes Onboarding Easy and Straightforward

by Isabela Reid


It can be difficult to switch to a new software or platform, let alone a new ediscovery provider. As legal professionals, you have countless other things that are demanding your attention. In the event that you switch platforms, it’s crucial that the new provider offers accessible support and training to help your team ramp up as quickly as possible. Here at Everlaw, we’ve committed to helping legal teams — large and small — make the most of Everlaw by offering free support, live user training sessions, and complimentary migration and onboarding assistance.

Live Training Sessions 

Everlaw helps users unlock the most value out of the platform by providing standing training sessions at no additional cost. These training sessions allow for predictable and straightforward onboarding, especially for administrators responsible for onboarding new team members. Additionally, these sessions are live, which creates a humanized and interactive experience and allows customers to ask questions (and get answers) in real-time. In the event that a customer has a specific question or would like to hash out a workflow unique to their team, we also offer on-demand sessions.We don’t hide information. Our knowledge base is public-facing, searchable, and organized by the area of the platform. It’s easy to navigate and transparent.

Customer Support

We don’t penalize users for not knowing how to do something on Everlaw — we want to help. There’s nothing more frustrating than calling up customer support with an urgent question, speaking with someone for 15 minutes, later being billed $100+ for the quick conversation, and knowing that you’ll either have to charge your client for that conversation or eat the cost yourself. We understand that not all firms have money to burn, which is why we’ve eliminated these financial barriers.Our users can ask questions freely via phone or email without worrying about being billed later on. We also know legal professionals’ work can often continue into the weekend, which is why our support team is available seven days a week. If necessary, we’re happy to schedule a screen share to walk users through more complex areas of the platform.

Migration and Onboarding Assistance

If you’ve ever switched ediscovery platforms in the middle of an ongoing matter, you may know how costly or frustrating it can be to migrate your data while also learning how to use the new platform. At Everlaw, switching costs are free, and our skilled data operations team will handle all the ins and outs of the migration process. We also offer personalized onboarding, in which members of our customer success team hosts kick-off calls to help your team maximize everything Everlaw has to offer. Ease of adoption is not only crucial for the efficiency and morale of legal teams but it also heavily impacts costs and client relationships. Easily accessible support, complimentary live training sessions, and personalized onboarding plans are the elements that make using Everlaw easy and painless.

“We don’t want to introduce technology and disrupt things and have it not easily adopted. Everlaw helped us with an ease of adoption that really carried a lot of weight with our clients. That was a big deal to us.”

— Chris McDaniel, President & CEO, Cognicion

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