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New Government Space Provides Dedicated Platform for Collaboration and Connection

by Casey Sullivan


A little under a year ago, the Everlaw Ediscovery Community was opened to all Everlaw users. The community offers a place for Everlaw users, whatever their role or background, to come together to enhance their skills, share insights, and connect with each other. With regular sharing of best practices, open discussion, and exclusive, members-only events, the Everlaw Ediscovery Community has become a place to build relationships and expertise for hundreds of legal professionals. 

Today, Everlaw is excited to announce the launch of the new Government Space in the Everlaw Ediscovery Community

This unique offering, built with the needs of government legal professionals in mind, looks to provide a dedicated place for collaboration and connection among U.S. government users, whose work can often feel siloed off from both the general public and other government professionals. 

The new Government Space seeks to break down barriers, to support increased collaboration across government agencies, and to facilitate open dialogue between U.S. government Everlaw users, in a private and secure environment. 

It is a space to come for support and insight from helpful government ediscovery experts, to stay up to date on the latest developments in ediscovery, litigation, investigations, and FOIA, and to securely network with innovative government partners. 

How to Join the Everlaw Ediscovery Community Government Space

The Everlaw Ediscovery Community’s Government Space has been custom designed with the needs of government professionals in mind.

Only U.S. government Everlaw users and certain Everlaw employees can access the space, which is otherwise neither visible nor accessible to non-government users. If your email address ends in .gov or .mil you will be automatically added to the space. If your email address does not end in either of those extensions, but you are a government employee, please reach out to to be added to the space.

If you are eligible to join this dedicated community, you can access the Government Space directly from the general community. Once you’ve logged into the Everlaw Ediscovery Community, you should see a section on the homepage that says “Government Space.” Click there to open the private Government Space. 

Why Join the Everlaw Ediscovery Community

The Ediscovery Community was created to help members stay on top of the latest developments in Everlaw, ediscovery, and the profession, in an environment that allows you to connect directly to some of the most insightful, collaborative, and engaging legal professionals there are.

Whether you are participating in the general community or a specialized subset, you’ll have the opportunity to gain insight from other Everlaw users, expand your ediscovery expertise, and provide product feedback. 

As Greg McCullough, IT Consultant at Fire Litigation Consulting and 2022 winner of the Everlaw Community Influencer Award, explains:

One of Everlaw’s greatest strengths as a product is collaboration, it was built from the ground up to help people work together.  The new Everlaw community has extended the collaboration beyond the platform and into the user base. The Everlaw community is a wonderful place to meet other users, share tips and tricks and interact with some of the Everlaw team in a conversational way.”


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge with other Everlaw experts. Join the Everlaw Ediscovery Community today.