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G2 Ranks Everlaw #1 for Ediscovery Software and Momentum

by Everlaw


We here at Everlaw believe that ongoing communication with our customers helps us be of better service to them. Our ability to execute our mission — to promote justice by illuminating the truth — is only truly possible if we take the time to listen to honest feedback from customers.

The peer-to-peer review website, G2, is integral in enabling us to do just that. G2 helps software shoppers cut through the noise and find the right solutions that can meet their needs. Over three million people visit their website to share their authentic reviews about the thousands of software products and professional services available to the public.

In the recently released Summer 2020 reports, Everlaw ranks as the #1 overall ediscovery software based on reviews from G2 users and data collected from social networks and online sources through June 2020. And for the second time this year, Everlaw received the #1 ranking in the Momentum Grid Report.

Additionally, in the Relationship Index for Ediscovery, Everlaw far outperformed the ediscovery industry average. Everlaw has a 95% score in both ease of doing business with and in quality of support — culminating in an overall relationship score of 96%.

Let’s have a look at what some of our customers had to say:


“The thing I like the best is the speed with which I can process discovery and run productions, and the ease I can on-board new users and teach them how to use Everlaw. Everlaw is designed to be used by new users and power users alike.” — Russ B, Mid-Market

Comprehensive Tool-Kit

“Features like Storybuilder, email threading, exporting to combined PDF, de-duplication of ‘near-duplicates,’ and ‘printing’ of work product for each document are all features that were sorely lacking from our previous platform. Now that we have them, I don’t know how we ever went without.” — Siobhan D, Litigation Case Coordinator

Customer Support and Ease of Use

“Search is powerful, simple, and intuitive to use. The user guide and FAQ are well laid out and easy to follow. And when I can’t figure out the answer for myself, their user support is excellent and gets back to you really quickly.” — Edward H, Associate Solicitor

“The search function is highly tailored and intuitive to use. On the rare occasion I am unable to understand a functionality, customer support is very quick and efficient.” — Sham K, Trainee Solicitor

“Even the less tech-savvy people at our firm have been able to be taught rather quickly how to review and run productions.” — Tyne P, Mid-Market

To find out more, request a demo today! We look forward to continuing to raise the bar for what legal professionals should expect from their discovery technology.