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Faster PDF Review and Greater Insight into Billing

by Everlaw


Everlaw is a collaborative, cloud-native litigation platform for corporate counsels, litigators, and government attorneys that enables teams to discover, reveal, and act on information to better drive internal investigations and positively impact the outcome of litigation. As a cloud-based platform, Everlaw can quickly release thoughtfully designed features and improvements in response to user feedback and customer needs. The latest release introduced a proprietary PDF viewer that improves load times, seamless scrolling, and greater insights into documents in a project via Data Visualizer.

Faster Document Loading with Everlaw’s Proprietary PDF Viewer

In any ediscovery project, staying on top of tight timelines and budgets is key to being successful. Being able to review a large corpus of documents efficiently and effectively helps teams achieve this goal. Thereby, any features or enhancements that improve review efficiency and accuracy are paramount.

Everlaw’s new proprietary PDF Viewer renders and loads PDFs of documents faster than ever, particularly for complicated or large docs. Many pages will now load in ~⅛ second in the review window. Complicated or large docs that might take minutes to load, crash the browser, or not render at all on other platforms, now render in mere seconds on Everlaw. This speed enhancement does not compromise on functionality, as users can still highlight, redact, and annotate on documents. By developing the PDF Viewer ourselves, Everlaw has more control moving forward as well.


PDF Viewer expedites review by minimizing the wait time for documents to load or restarting a frozen browser. When documents load faster, reviewers can complete their review of those docs faster. A core component of Everlaw, the PDF Viewer enables a significantly improved user experience, which translates to happier users and thereby higher likelihood of reviewer efficiency and accuracy too.

Continuous Scrolling in Image View

Continuous scrolling of a document in image view is a usability and efficiency improvement in the PDF Viewer of Review window, where 80% of users spend their time. Viewing one document page at a time can become monotonous and cumbersome. Rather than clicking to move between different pages of a document, users can now seamlessly scroll to view various pages of an entire document.

Reviewer usability and efficiency is of the utmost importance in every eDiscovery project, and continuous scrolling enables just that by helping reviewer stay focused and on track to hit their deadlines.

Visualize Case Billing Size and Page Numbers

Accurately measuring spend on ediscovery projects while maximizing the value obtained from that spend is difficult without visibility into the exact billable size of the data in a project. If billing is unpredictable, costs can be much harder to control. Data Visualizer now displays the billable size of the data in a project, as well as the number of pages in a document set. Displaying the billable size of a document set as well as its sum in GB gives admins greater insight into their costs, making billing more predictable and easier to understand.

Additionally, Data Visualizer now displays the page count of the documents within a data set. This additional insight can help guide early case assessment and assigning out documents. Generating insight into the page count in a given selection helps admins and reviewers to understand the true review size of their selection in data visualizer, which can help guide review workflow.

Everlaw releases new features every month, so subscribe to our blog to stay updated on our latest feature developments. For more technical information about the features in this release, check out our release notes.