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Everlaw Partners With Lime to Streamline Ediscovery

by Everlaw


As today’s remote landscape has pushed businesses toward digital transformation, it’s never been more important for teams to collaborate remotely and have full control over their data. We’re thrilled to announce Everlaw’s long-standing engagement with Lime, which will help them do just that as they surpass the impressive milestone of 200 million rides.


Lime and other high-growth companies handle massive amounts of challenging data to maintain manually, and Lime faces a unique challenge in the different regulations within each city they operate in. Their team turned to Everlaw because it is a scalable tool that simplifies and streamlines legal workflows, allowing them to operate independently within the platform while managing large volumes of data and collaborating in real-time. 


Protecting and securing customer data was also a key priority for Lime, and they needed a platform that protects customer information. Everlaw’s platform recently achieved FedRAMP security authorization through the U.S. Department of Justice. With Everlaw, Lime can remain confident that they’re operating in an environment that allows them to work flexibly while also securing sensitive data.

Integration with Cloud-Based Tools

Today’s remote environment has exacerbated another notorious pain point for legal teams: cloud-based tools like Slack and G-Suite. Chat functions have historically been a difficult platform to extract evidence from, especially as people communicate more online than ever before. Everlaw allows teams to easily process and review data on Slack, and our cloud-to-cloud connection lets Lime access its G-Suite and automatically connect it with our platform.

The amount of discoverable data in today’s digital universe will only continue to increase, and it’s vital that businesses embrace digital transformation and adopt modern tools that scale alongside them. We’re excited to partner with Lime on this next chapter as they continue to expand their global footprint in the micro-mobility space.

To find out more, request a demo today! We look forward to continuing to raise the bar for what legal professionals should expect from their discovery technology.