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Ediscovery Software for Investigative Reporting

by Everlaw

Two people discussing the transformative power of Everlaw

To support investigative reporting, we’re giving news organizations free access to Everlaw’s ediscovery software. From whistleblower dumps to FOIA requests, journalists need to analyze large data sets quickly and accurately. More and more reporters are trawling documents—whether emails, text messages, or files—to uncover the stories within. This is much the same process attorneys go through while building a case. Finding key documents and weaving them into a story—it’s what Everlaw was designed for.

While ediscovery software isn’t new, until recently it’s been hard to use except for those with specialized training. Plus, users often needed to ship the data to a third party for uploading—a non-starter for reporters on tight deadlines. Not to mention the technology was slow and at times inaccurate —hardly what you need when you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

Everlaw solves all of these problems. Because we’ve made usability a top priority, our platform is easy to use, so you don’t need extensive training on ediscovery. We’ve just launched a self-serve upload feature, so you can load data anytime, from anywhere. Our blink-speed search means you can quickly trace interesting leads to explore what the data is saying. Our prediction engine can even suggest documents to review. PDFs are no obstacle. Everlaw handles them, and other common document formats, as easily as text.

Once you’ve executed a search, a combination of built-in and user-defined filters allow you to slice and parse large data sets quickly and easily from any browser or tablet. With our Storybuilder feature, you can easily insert key documents into chronologies, story outlines or interview questions, all within Everlaw’s secure platform. Attorneys use this to build their case or prepare depositions. The same can apply to journalists building their story and crafting follow-up interviews.

And your documents will be well protected. Everlaw’s SOC 2 Type 2 certification assures the security, availability and confidentiality of your data. Users can also activate two-factor authentication, which requires validation from a mobile device or secured email account in addition to your password. It’s an additional level of security to keep your sensitive data private. 

Everlaw for Journalists is available for free to qualifying U.S. news organizations. For further information and terms, please reach out to to arrange a demo with a member of our team.