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Our Brand Journey: Charting a Straighter Path to the Truth

by Joshua Schnoll

Everlaw rebrand

Over the past decade, Everlaw has evolved in many ways from our early days as EasyESI to where we are today, but we have always had one singular mission – to promote justice by illuminating truth. We believe that our legal system, for all its flaws, is the best way to bring the truth to light. And we are constantly inspired by Everlaw users, who uncover that truth in the mountains of digital data our modern society produces. 

The attorneys general who are on the forefront of protecting consumer rights, marshaling evidence more efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively. The lawyers who are demanding accountability for some of the largest crises facing society today. The nonprofit organizations and pro bono programs that are promoting equal access to justice and zealously advocating for those who might otherwise not have a voice. And, of course, the organizations – law firms, government agencies, and corporate legal departments – that are transforming their entire approach to discovery, investigations, and litigation and taking greater control of their processes, reducing risks, creating more-effective teams, and tackling the biggest challenges in the profession. 

Today marks a major milestone for us as a company: the debut of our new brand – complete with a new logo, look, feel and colors that reflect our focus on all legal professionals, from equity partners, general counsel, and attorneys general to the associates, paralegals, and litigation support teams. We are focused on the complex journey each of them is on to chart a straighter path to the truth.

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Our new logo retains our existing diamond, representing simplicity, transparency, and permanence. We strive for simplicity, removing unnecessary complexity in legal work. We deliver transparency, from our all-inclusive pricing to our free training and support. And we are a long-term partner in transforming your investigative and litigation experience.

Everlaw new logo

Each section represents one of the three core pillars of Everlaw and aligned our entire visual brand experience to match:

  • What we do 

  • How we do it

  • Why we do it 

What: We provide you with the power to do more, helping you to turn the burden of data into an asset. With innovative technologies that boost productivity, scale expertise, and enhance performance, legal professionals can become more effective and fulfilled truth-finding teams.  

How: We apply thoughtfulness and intentionality in everything we do. We aren’t just a product, we are a community. Our clients chose Everlaw because of our thoughtfulness and our humanity – our respect for users shows up in both our product design and our support.

Why: We see the possibilities in transformation. We know that ediscovery is too often a challenging process, but we see a brighter future. Through our brand we want to help our customers see that as well, and help guide them toward more optimistic outcomes. We want our customers to experience moments of surprise and delight with our product and their interactions with our support and user education teams. We believe that truth transforms.

Our Visual System

We have moved to a lighter color palette to highlight the transparency in our work, with bold accent colors to represent the delight our customers experience with our products and people. We will be using real photographs of our employees, our customers and others in the legal profession to highlight the importance and impact that each and every one of you make. 

Three Everlawyers

Thank you to all the teams that have helped us reach this milestone. We look forward to continuing our journey together—to find a straighter path to the truth.