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Everlaw CEO AJ Shankar Sits Down with eDisclosure Information Project’s Chris Dale

by Everlaw

Chris Dale, the founder of the eDisclosure Information Project, has seen it all during his career and had long predicted that there would be no new players in the ediscovery space. To his surprise, Everlaw entered the ediscovery arena over ten years ago and has not only survived over that time but thrived. With the recent announcement of Everlaw’s Series D funding, Chris thought it would be a great time to check in with our founder and CEO, AJ Shankar.

During their wide-ranging conversation, they discuss everything from Everlaw’s evolution, the pandemic’s impact on the legal industry, helping both corporate legal departments and law firms navigate our new reality, and so much more.

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Interested in finding out more? Check out Chris Dale’s blog post to learn more about this discussion and AJ’s thoughts on the legal industry.