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This Is BIG: A New Way to Use Everlaw

A view of Everlaw software on a laptop computer, displaying an overview of assignments

Nothing says happy holidays like brand new, awesome features. And we want to wish our customers a very happy holiday season indeed.

You’ve asked for the power to upload your own data and create productions yourself. Now the power is yours.

With the latest update to the Everlaw platform, you can add data to your cases and generate productions whenever you want. The new features are based on proprietary code we’ve refined over thousands of jobs. They make processing and producing documents as easy as dragging and dropping files from the desktop. And not just easy, but fast! We use the power of the cloud to accelerate uploads and productions across all your cases, processing an average of 500K documents per hour.

We also made some smaller changes to existing features and interfaces that will improve your day-to-day experience.

Review on Everlaw has never been easier or more efficient.  Read on to learn more!

Self-Serve Uploads

You can easily upload both native and processed data. Drag-and-drop the files you want to upload, or use the file selector. Native-file processing is automated, but always done your way. We walk you through all the essential steps, from designating custodians to choosing whether to deduplicate on upload.

And if self-service isn’t for you, not to worry. Our support team is happy to provide the same great service we did before this release. Whether it’s to handle processing for you at no charge, or to answer questions about self-serve upload, just reach out when you need assistance.

To gain access to the uploads feature, we’ll need to add you to a special ‘uploaders’ user group. Case leads should reach out to their account lead or to learn more about getting access.  

Self-Serve Productions

You can create, save, and reuse an unlimited number of production protocols for your case. Production is as easy as identifying the documents you want to produce and selecting which protocol you want to use. You can customize your protocols in numerous ways to make sure they’re just like you want them.

Your productions will be generated as a zip file that can be easily shared with opposing counsel or made available for direct download through a time-limited shareable link. We produce all three of the most common load files (DAT, OPT, LPT), so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. We also add the produced version of each document back into your database for your reference. Produced documents will be available with their pre-production counterparts in the ‘versions’ area of the Context Panel, or by grouping in the results table.  

As with uploads, if you want our help with your productions or simply want for us to prepare them for you, all you have to do is ask!

Faster Search Term Reports + Export to a Binder

A couple of months ago we released search term reports, a feature that allows you to run multiple searches simultaneously. Search term reports now runs at four times the speed to help you assess and triage your documents faster. We’ve also made small UI tweaks to make your experience more intuitive and consistent.

You can also export the results from a search term report to a binder. Simply click the “binder” icon in the top right-hand toolbar of your report. You can add the results to an existing binder, or create a new one directly from the search term reports page.

Added Functionality to StoryBuilder Chronology Makes Better Than Ever:

In your chronologies you can now:

  • Display events that are independent of any document

  • Add a free-form description and annotation of relevance to events

  • Hover over the timeline to view the description and relevance of events

The ability to view events that aren’t tied to documents allows you to create more comprehensive case timelines. For example, if you learn of key events for which you don’t yet have any related documents, you can add them to fill in gaps in the case’s chronology or as a reminder to search for documents that reference those events.

We hope these new features give you an even better ediscovery experience. As always, let us know what you think at