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6 Reasons to Attend Everlaw Summit ‘24

by Casey Sullivan

Everlaw Summit offers you the chance to take on the most pressing issues facing the legal profession today, to forge powerful new connections, and to leave a more knowledgeable, effective, and inspired leader.

See why 97% of past Everlaw Summit attendees say they’ll return again:

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Happening this October 22nd to 24th in San Francisco, Everlaw Summit is a legal tech event you can’t afford to miss. But if you’re on the fence, here are six reasons to sign up today.

1. Live, in-person Everlaw certification

Become product certified at Summit! Everlaw Product Certification offers the chance to hone your skills in specific areas of expertise and Everlaw workflows, while demonstrating your mastery through rigorous evaluation. At Summit, you have the chance to complete an entire course of Everlaw Certification in a single day, in person and with hands-on guidance from Everlaw experts. 

Choose from four Everlaw Certification tracks: Reviewer, Data Operations, Everlaw AI, and Storybuilder. Space is limited, so register early to save your spot.

Leah Thompson and Garrison Giali, Bienert Katzman, Summit Certification Training Photo
Product Certification at Everlaw Summit '23

2. Three days of hands-on user learning

See the latest trends in the legal profession during our mainstage and breakout sessions, then learn how to apply them directly in Everlaw with our User Education team. Everlaw’s User Education program is woven through all three days of Everlaw Summit, allowing you to connect emerging topics in law and ediscovery directly with your day-to-day usage of Everlaw. 

With Summit’s unmatched commitment to personal growth, past attendees say they leave the conference “super-charged,” with skill levels that are “through the roof.” 

Kathy Enstrom (left), Sean Hert (center), and Eric Kolbeck (right) speak at Everlaw Summit '23.
Kathy Enstrom (left) speaks at Everlaw Summit '23 alongside Sean Hert, from the Ohio State Attorney General's Office, and Erik Kolbeck, Assistant Attorney General at Office of the Minnesota Attorney General

Everlaw Summit showcases those at the forefront of litigation and investigations, with speakers from the judiciary, leading law firms, academia, corporate legal departments, and federal and state governments.

Summit brings together leaders from across the profession, from forward-thinking law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies. Last year’s event saw presentations from organizations like HP, The New York Times, the Secret Service, Seyfarth Shaw, the Department of the Interior, Orrick, Hanson and Bridgett, Boeing, and many more. 

Cynthia Bryant and Jasmine Singh at Summit '23
Jasmine Singh (left) and Cynthia Bryant (right) speak at Everlaw Summit. Cynthia's guide dog, Summer, surveys the crowd.

4. Strategies to future-proof your career and organization

From generative AI to business strategy, Summit gives you the tools you need to take on emerging issues in legal, so you can stay a step ahead of the rest. 

With sessions on the law firm of the future or how to advance your career in the age of AI, you’ll stay on the forefront of the most compelling issues facing the legal profession today, while building your connections and learning directly from peers across a host of can’t-miss networking events.

And if that’s not enough, you can sit down directly with Everlaw’s Value Engineering team for a personalized consultation on how to drive great value from your discovery program. 

AJ Shankar Keynote at Everlaw Summit '23
Everlaw Founder and CEO AJ Shankar explains the evolution of generative AI technology.

5. Get exclusive access to Everlaw Product Labs

Preview the future of litigation and investigations in one-on-one design labs with the Everlaw product team for a behind-the-scenes look at the latest features in development. Everlaw Summit is the ultimate opportunity to see what’s ahead for litigation and investigations and to help shape the future of Everlaw by sharing your feedback directly with our product experts.

Everlaw Summit Product Labs
Connect directly with Everlaw's product team with a Summit Product Lab session

6. Up to eight hours of MCLE

Attend select CLE-qualifying sessions and leave Summit with up to 8 hours of MCLE credit. With expected CLE accreditation in over 30 states, Summit is an amazing opportunity to meet your professional development obligations with a single, compelling event. 

Chuck Kellner and Dr. Maura Grossman in a panel discussion on generative AI on the mainstage of Everlaw Summit '23, with Judge Paul Grimm joining via video link.
Dr. Maura Grossman (center) discusses potential impacts of generative AI on the courts with Everlaw's Chuck Kellner (left) and Judge Grimm (right, via video).

Bonus: Register in May for Additional Discounts!

Come see Shankar Vedantam deliver the Everlaw Summit keynote and get a discount on your Summit registration. Shankar Vedantam is the host and executive editor of the Hidden Brain podcast, one of the most popular podcasts in the world, with over 2 million downloads a week. 

Shankar Vedantam-Keynote Speaker-Summit 24-Headshot-Social
Founder of Hidden Brain Media and host the 'Hidden Brain' podcast, Shankar Vedantam.

Join Vedantam at Summit as he dives into the invisible forces that influence everything around us, from the dynamics of a courtroom argument to our ability to adapt to new and changing environments – and leave seeing the world, and the legal profession, in a whole new way.

Use the discount code SHANKAR when registering in May for a $200 discount.