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New Depositions Features Will Improve How You Take and Use Testimony

by Everlaw

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One reason that litigators love Everlaw is our focus on making ediscovery actionable. Finding key documents is important, but the impact comes in using them during litigation. 

Legal teams have been using our industry-leading case prep suite, Storybuilder, to seamlessly turn review findings into evidentiary narratives since 2015. Now, we’re releasing new Depositions functionality to bring deposition testimony into the 21st century. 

These powerful features dramatically improve the deposition process by providing lawyers a single solution to locate and use exhibits, prepare for and take depositions, and then efficiently harvest critical testimony. That saves time, improves collaboration, reduces duplicative efforts, and increases accuracy. 

Using Storybuilder Depositions means:

  • You don’t have to print hard copies, have competing email chains, or worry about versions: the latest questions, exhibits, and outlines are available in real-time to your team

  • You don’t have to wait until the deposition is over to get support from remote team members: you can chat or annotate real-time during the deposition

  • You don’t have to cross-reference transcript hard copies separately: the official transcript is accessible where your exhibits, notes, and trial outlines are

  • You don’t have to switch to other tools or post-its to follow-up: transcripts and exhibits can be annotated and tasks created for post-deposition next steps

To get step-by-step instructions for using Depositions in the Everlaw platform, check out these Knowledge Base articles. If you’d like to try it for yourself, let us know or come find us at LTNY (booth 3108).

The addition of Depositions functionality to Storybuilder delivers on our promise to be a comprehensive platform that supports teams throughout the full litigation process. But you don’t have to take our word for it or the raves of our users.

We’re opening a beta to make the Storybuilder suite available as a stand-alone case prep tool. If you’d like to see its power for yourself, sign up at

For more strategies to improve your deposition process, see our guide to deposition best practices here.