Simplify Legal Holds with Everlaw

Are you still manually tracking your legal holds with spreadsheets, emails, and notices written from scratch? To boost accuracy, efficiency, and compliance, you might want to consider automating your legal hold process.

That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of Everlaw Legal Holds, which is designed to help legal teams prepare for litigation or investigations. Everlaw Legal Holds ensures that potential evidence is preserved with a streamlined holds deployment process, automated escalations, and a defensible audit trail. 

With Everlaw Legal Holds, you can:

  • Quickly and confidently create and modify holds
  • Send an unlimited number of holds to an unlimited number of custodians
  • Copy language from an existing hold to save time and maintain consistency
  • Increase custodian compliance and track custodian acknowledgment with ease
  • Cut out manual processes and avoid costly human errors with automatic custodian reminders and escalations to managers
  • Release custodians from holds with one click
  • Link custodians placed under holds with documents uploaded to Everlaw

Everlaw Legal Holds

Everlaw Legal Holds is integrated into the rest of the platform at no extra cost. Our all-in-one, user-friendly platform allows users to avoid legal software fragmentation and centralize legal work in one secure place — a single platform that encompasses pre-review to post-review. From deploying holds, uploading data, conducting reviews, and drafting deposition questions in Storybuilder, Everlaw provides a one-stop shop for all legal work.

Simplify the Process with Everlaw Legal Holds

The time has come to free your team from manually sent emails and massive tracking spreadsheets. Everlaw Legal Holds saves time and streamlines holds creation by leveraging a custom custodian directory and copying language from an existing hold to maximize efficiency. Everlaw Legal Holds helps legal teams transform their ediscovery process and bring more work in-house without compromising security.

Want to see Everlaw Legal Holds in action? Book a demo. To learn even more, download our white paper, “Challenges of and Strategies for Streamlining the Legal Hold Process,” today.