Life After Series A

When we announced our fundraising back in January, the #1 question we heard was, “So, what are you going to do with all that money?

Perhaps they were hoping to hear about a secret Vegas trip or new perks like on-site acupuncture or macaroon-making classes. Though our actual investments were less flashy, they were no less important: we invested in our technology and in our people.


Building Our Technology

On the tech front, we’ve created new features and improved existing ones, to make litigation prep that much better:

Better Litigation Technology

Building Our Team

Our company culture of openness, collaboration, and constant improvement are what enables us to build such a useful, intuitive, advanced tool. We prioritized finding talented people committed to our company values, and we took our time building up our team.

Then, like we did last year, we asked them why they chose us. Here’s what they said:


Everlaw gives me the opportunity to help grow a startup in a space that’s asking for disruptive technology, and I’m confident the team here has built a platform to fill that need. I’m also constantly learning something new every day from members of my team!

Adam Young
Adam, Account Executive
Started June 2016


I chose to join Everlaw because it provides the opportunity to revolutionize an industry while working with incredibly intelligent people in the beautiful city of Berkeley.

Eli Riggs
Eli, Software Engineer
Started May 2016


I joined Everlaw because it presented the unique opportunity for growth and security, with a personality. It’s everything I’ve wanted so far!

Jonathan Svilar
Jonathan, Marketing Manager
Started August 2016


I was introduced to Everlaw by Andreessen Horowitz shortly after the company received its Series A funding and was instantly excited about the prospect of joining the team as the Head of Sales. The combination of Everlaw’s vision for the future of technology in the legal industry and development approach positions the team with an opportunity to transform the market. I’ve joined to support the execution of the go-to-market strategy and to help get our great product in as many lawyers’ hands as possible.

Josh Buckler
Josh, VP of Sales
Started June 2016


The people and the product. First, the people. The Everlaw team is an amazing group of intelligent, collaborative, compassionate, and hard-working individuals. Next, the product. As a former litigator, I was hooked on Everlaw from the first demo. I knew right away that marketing such an awesome product would be a rewarding job and one that I’d enjoy. My first impressions were spot on!

Lisa Ross
Lisa, Director of Marketing
Started April 2016


I joined Everlaw because I was thrilled about the opportunity to work with the most talented and respectful people who are dedicated to make the best ediscovery and litigation support software.

Zilin Zhu
Zilin, Project Manager
Started May 2016


We hope you’ll love the new features and the new team members making your litigation experience better. Look for even more improvements in the back half of this year!