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Capture insights throughout the discovery process with Everlaw’s collaborative narrative building and trial preparation platform.

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We use Storybuilder as our playground to test novel theories, follow logical inferences, and refine the theory, all in real time.

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Justin Hazlett, Former Deputy Attorney General and Section Chief of Consumer Litigation
Indiana Attorney General’s Office

Quick Start

See how you can start using Storybuilder today. Explore features including timeline, drafts, and depositons.

Storybuilder Guide

Learn the basics of Everlaw Storybuilder in under five minutes.

Unlock the Creative Power of Your Team

Build Your Case Strategy

Create a collaborative repository that organizes the most important documents as the team builds the case narrative. Develop your insights throughout the document review process, without sacrificing time or money on a separate post-review system.

Manage Key Evidence

Collaborate seamlessly throughout the your matters. Organize the facts, upload deposition transcripts, elevate testimony in the case timeline, and manage trial preparation together in one secure location.

See Beyond the Transcript

Capture nuanced and consequential information with Everlaw’s Video Depositions tool, bringing to life the emotional elements of deposition testimony that can elevate your case.

Pinpoint Compelling Testimony

Highlight the most important parts of deposition testimony and use them throughout your case timelines and witness questioning. Search across transcripts and automatically link exhibits back to their source, so you can easily manage the evidence you need most.

Video Depositons

See more with Storybuilder’s new video depositions tool.

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Upload, Sync, and Create Clips Today

Craft powerful exhibits from recorded testimony. When it comes time for court, export key clips for a smooth and organized presentation.

Seamlessly Navigate Between Transcript and Video

Eliminate frustrating and tedious video-depo reviews. Add relevant labels to quickly find and revisit evidence later, when creating your case narrative.

Integrated With Storybuilder

Clips are right at your fingertips, whenever you cite to a transcript, whether in a case timeline, strategy draft, or exhibit list.

More Storybuilder Resources

Get the most out of Storybuilder
with these additional resources.


Storybuilder Training Options

See all Storybuilder user education materials.



An Introduction to Depositions and Drafts

Prepare for depositions and craft a narrative in this 15-minute training.



Everlaw Product Certification

Get certified in Storybuilder and more.

Learn More About the Program


Administration Guide

Download our guide to Storybuilder for Everlaw Administrators.

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