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Predictive Coding

Surface critical documents faster with Everlaw’s intuitive, AI-powered Predictive Coding.

Leah Thompson and Garrison Giali, Bienert Katzman, Summit Certification Training Photo

“Getting through huge datasets is already daunting. Everlaw not only provides these powerful tools — specifically Predictive Coding and Clustering — it provides the training and support necessary to utilize them efficiently.”

— Leah Thompson, Litigation Paralegal, Bienert Katzman Littrell Williams LLP

Quick Start

Learn the basics of what a predictive coding model is and how to create one in Everlaw.


Predictive Coding Guide

Get an introduction to Everlaw’s Predictive Coding in under 5 minutes.

Accelerate Your Review with AI

Surface Your Most Important Documents Quickly

Everlaw’s Predictive Coding learns from your coding decisions and delivers clear prediction scores for the rest, so you can quickly find the information that matters most.

Leave Manual Review Behind

Increase efficiency and accelerate your review with AI-powered predictive coding to slash review time across your data sets. Everlaw’s Predictive Coding allows your teams to move faster than ever, without sacrificing quality.

Overlay with Clustering

Overlay your Predictive Coding results on top of Everlaw’s Clustering visualization for a rich, interactive heat map of your entire document corpus.

Jumpstart Workflows with AI Assistance

Get started with ease. Everlaw’s Predictive Coding is quick to set up, easy to use, and included in your regular Everlaw subscription, entirely free of charge.

New: Multi-Matter Models

Create powerful libraries of previously trained predictive coding models, available for use in all projects across your firm.


Never Start from Scratch Again

Multi-Matter Models accelerate document review at the start of projects by allowing you to leverage your previously trained predictive coding models on new, similar matters.

Scale Your AI Review Strategy

Maximize value on your tech investments and ensure uniformity in your review strategy by creating a library of lasting, reusable AI models tailored to pinpoint the types of legal review your teams face regularly.

Deliver Exceptional Results for Clients

Minimize the costs to generate initial predictions on new matters and impress clients by saving them time and money, and delivering exceptional results, fast.

Example Use Cases

Privilege Models

Create models to find privileged documents relating to specific organizations you serve.

Financial Document Models

Create models to find bankruptcy documents, such as unpaid invoices, default notices, and bankruptcy filings.

Wrongful Termination Models

Create models to find evidence of discrimination, such as emails discussing employee performance, HR reports, and records of disciplinary actions.

Spam Finder Models

Create models to find emails such as ads, newsletters, and automated notifications to quickly cull out of your data set.

Workplace Harassment Models

Create models to find evidence of harassment, including inappropriate communications, complaints, and HR investigations.

Patent Infringement Models

Create models to find documents relevant to patent infringement litigation, such as patent applications, prior art references, and technical specifications.

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Understand the powerful technology behind Predictive Coding.


Everlaw Product Certification

Get certified in Everlaw AI and more.


Multi-Matter Models Overview

Your comprehensive guide to leveraging AI models across matters.