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Live Certification at Summit '24

Comprehensive, in-person Everlaw certification, completed in a day. Available October 22nd only.

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Become Product Certified at Summit

Join a live, guided certification program at Everlaw Summit ‘24. Choose from four tracks suited to your skills and desired growth area, led by Everlaw product experts.

Each track is designed to be completed in a single day, inclusive of evaluation. Product certification is a $400 add-on to the registration cost.

Four Tracks to Master

Reviewer Certification

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Topics: Document Review, Search Fundamentals.

Best for: Beginners and professionals conducting document review on the platform.

Everlaw AI Certification

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Topics: Clustering, Predictive Coding, Everlaw’s generative AI feature set.

Best for: Intermediate and advanced users familiar with TAR and predictive coding workflows.

Data Operations Certification

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Topics: Data Uploads, Production.

Best for: Those looking to conduct their own uploads and productions and professionals responsible for their team’s data operations.

Storybuilder Certification

Everlaw CertificationBadges Master Storybuilder

Topics: Timeline, Collaborative Drafting, Deposition workflows.

Best for: Beginners and legal professionals collaboratively building their case narrative in Everlaw.

This half-day certification runs from 1:00 to 4:00pm on October 22nd.

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