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The freedom to respond to FOIA requests

Obtaining and supplying documents through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is challenging and the backlog of public records requests is only growing due to increased scrutiny of public officials and government agencies.

Everlaw provides a secure, cloud-based software solution that helps a difficult process run much more smoothly, giving journalists and government entities more freedom to both pursue and comply with FOIA requests.

Responding to FOIA requests

Everlaw helps internal teams review massive amounts of data and collaboratively prepare for information releases.

Everlaw helps search through massive troves of documents and makes it easy to put relevant data into chronologies and story outlines. 

everlaw ediscovery sophisticated and repeatable searches

Enabling journalists to tackle large volumes of data

ediscovery translate foreign languages quickly and easily

FOIA requests are essential to the work of journalists and investigative reporters. Everlaw makes it easier to analyze the document dump of a FOIA request.

Mountains of data—emails, text messages, foreign-language documents, and even audio/video files—can be quickly and accurately mined without manual processing. A journalist can get to the heart of the story without being an IT expert (or a foreign language expert) thanks to the user-friendly interface and auto-translation tools.

Secure FOIA management

Everlaw has SOC 2 Type 2 certification to help ensure that even the most sensitive of documents will be well protected. Two-factor authentication provides additional peace of mind.

Ability to take on all the data

No matter the volume or type of data that a FOIA request produces, Everlaw can handle it. Any popular document format, whether a PDF or an audio file, can be ingested and searched. Self-serve upload capabilities allows users add data at their convenience.

Searching through mountains of documents is blink-fast and the AI can provide suggestions about where to start reviewing. 

easy document loader for ediscovery or internal investigation

Collaborative FOIA management

ediscovery legal matters management demonstration

It’s rare that a single person can tackle a massive dataset alone. Everlaw enables colleagues to collaborate securely as they review documents.

Whether in a law firm or a news room, Everlaw helps attorneys and journalists craft narratives while efficiently managing an investigation from start to end. 

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