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White Paper

Bridging the Virtual Gap with Storybuilder by Everlaw

Learn how Storybuilder can be your go-to collaboration tool.

Preparing for complex litigation has traditionally been a collaborative effort among large teams of attorneys and paralegals, firms, and corporate counsels. To complicate matters, recent global events have only intensified the pressure to empower remote legal professionals with the right technology and tools to remain collaborative and productive.

To help alleviate these concerns, we've created the legal industry's first free narrative-building toolkit: Storybuilder by Everlaw. In this white paper, we explore how this tool provides legal teams with a fully collaborative environment to build their cases and prepare remotely for litigation. Additionally, we cover:

  • The current challenges with building cases.

  • How Storybuilder by Everlaw solves these challenges.

  • What legal professionals can specifically do with this tool.