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How Ediscovery Service Provider CodexTen Brings Its Clients the Best of Tech

CodexTen helps law firms leverage the world’s most advanced ediscovery software for its clients’ increasingly complex needs.

The goal: to share knowledge, provide value, and foster collaboration.

With CodexTen in their corner, law firms are in a better position to win in today’s cut-throat legal market. Partnering with Everlaw, CodexTen provides firms with the latest ediscovery software and end-to-end litigation support to conquer any complexity. 

Whether taming exploding data volumes or coordinating with far-flung teams, CodexTen clients dramatically reduce their review times, streamline their workflows, and boost their collaboration and success rates.

A New Approach: Technology and the Professionals to Support It

CodexTen co-founder Clayton Romero has been helping law firms leverage technology for 20 years. He understands the pressure attorneys are under. Not only do they have to stay on top of changes in the law, but also the risks and benefits associated with evolving technologies. 

“Why also saddle them with yet another technical skillset to learn and maintain when I can help guide them through that?” Romero said.

Today, CodexTen provides both the software and the human expertise law firms need to keep workflows humming.

Crucial to collaboration, the software is cloud-based and accessible from any location. “In this day and age when we are so mobile . . .[clients] not having to worry about where their files are because they can log in and access it from everywhere securely is a huge boon.”

When developing CodexTen, Romero embarked on an exhaustive analysis of ediscovery software providers. 

Everlaw was hands-down the best at delivering on its promises, at continuing to innovate at a rapid pace, and at delivering an excellent user interface. It is, by far, the most intuitive piece of software we have to use.

Clayton Romero, Co-Founder, CodexTen

Putting It All Together with Storybuilder

When clients hire CodexTen, they get a comprehensive suite of litigation services. Enabled by Everlaw, CodexTen experts offer support at key stages of the ediscovery journey, from securing legal holds and collecting and organizing millions of files in diverse formats, to swiftly reviewing massive troves of data.

Crafting Winning Narratives with Ease

One of the keys to successful collaboration is Everlaw’s narrative-building and trial prep platform, Storybuilder. The platform speeds up critical steps, enabling legal professionals to: 

  • Consolidate all relevant files and documents into a single repository, 

  • Organize data in timelines, and 

  • Offer numerous ways to elevate key portions of testimony. 

There’s no need to import or export documents into other systems, because multiple formats can live in Storybuilder. 

Collaborating in Real Time, From Anywhere

As a case evolves, Storybuilder allows remote teams to easily share information and chat in real time, including during deposition. Built to be nimble, the platform lets attorneys pivot as quickly as events demand. Romero recalls a turning point in a deposition that took place on Zoom, with all parties in different locations. 

“Because of our familiarity with the case, we were able to go through and find the records that showed the deponent had lied,” Romero said, adding that the man claimed to have deleted all files past a certain date. With Storybuilder, the team knew otherwise. Romero used the live chat function to alert the lawyer in the moment about the relevant evidence. 

“The attorney didn’t have to break stride and could finish his line of questioning,” Romero said. “Once there was a short break for recess, he could come back and hit the deponent with exactly the information that was damning.” As a result, the judge permitted CodexTen’s client to admit the details showing the opposing party tried to withhold evidence that was damaging to its case.  

After a deposition, transcripts and video testimony can immediately be integrated into the Storybuilder workspace. 

Embracing Cutting-Edge Innovation 

Romero said he is gratified by the feedback he gets from clients. Whether a firm has been struggling with outdated technology or its attorneys have been hauling bankers boxes to and from court, once they’ve worked with CodexTen, “They’ve seen the light.” Now they can be confident they’ll collect every relevant fact, tease out hidden insights, and be able to collaborate with team members across the office or the globe.  

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The way CodexTen founders see it, human and AI skills complement each other perfectly. People provide the creativity and judgment, while AI slashes human error and supercharges speed and accuracy. 

CodexTen is there to bridge the gap so its clients can thrive in any legal environment. And to accomplish that, says Romero, “Everlaw is the core of our business.”